Let’s Talk – Cobra Kai – Special Episode – The Karate Kid (1984)


[00:00:00] JC: Welcome to Just Curious Media. This is Let’s Talk – Cobra Kai. I’m your host, Jason Connell, documentary filmmaker turned podcaster, joined by Sal Rodriguez.

[0:00:10.3] SR: Sure. Comedian, writer, actor.

[0:00:13.2] JC: You name it. I brought Sal on. I’ve known him for years, to help me tackle this show that I’ve recently fallen in love with, Cobra Kai. Rather than start with the first episode, we wanted to go back to where Cobra Kai was born, was at the original 1984, The Karate Kid.

[0:00:29.1] SR: A classic. By the way, where did this obsession with Cobra Kai start? I mean, do you have a karate background yourself?

[0:00:35.4] JC: I do, actually. I trained Taekwondo growing up. Even in LA, I was training Hapkido for a while, which is the Korean –

[0:00:42.1] SR: I didn’t know this.

[0:00:42.9] JC: – martial arts. I love it. It’s like the evil empire. You’re always drawn to the dark side, right? There’s something so cool about the Cobra Kai.

[0:00:49.0] SR: You want to be a Cobra Kai, even over Karate Kid?

[0:00:52.0] JC: Well, watching the movie, I hated Cobra Kai. I feared them. I was young. Over time, Cobra Kai just – it just looks so cool and menacing. Actually, my hair, truth be told, it was very Johnny-esque. On two different Halloweens, I have dressed up as Cobra Kai.

[0:01:10.3] SR: Yeah. No, when I first met Jason Connell, he had the Johnny hairstyle.

[0:01:15.6] JC: Yeah, it’s true. I had it just recently, but I go in and out. I found a Cobra Kai shirt, ripped off the sleeves, black shirt, huge Cobra Kai on the front. It had the – what is their slogan? Strike first –

[0:01:27.7] SR: Strike first, strike hard, no mercy, sir. I added the sir.

[0:01:30.4] JC: I had that on the back of the shirt. I went to these events and people were like, “Sweep the leg, Johnny.” Then at one, at LACMA, they said, “Oh, there’s a Danielson running around here.” We had a photo op to –

[0:01:40.2] SR: Really?

[0:01:40.4] JC: Yeah, it was great.

[0:01:41.4] SR: Did he do the crane?

[0:01:42.6] JC: No, but I would have seen that coming.

[0:01:44.6] SR: Yeah. Then you would’ve slept the leg.

[0:01:45.4] JC: I would’ve swept that leg.

[0:01:47.7] SR: Oh, that’s cool to know that about you. Seeing as how you did martial arts and you play soccer, I would be aware of your kicks.

[0:01:52.9] JC: Good kicks.

[0:01:53.9] SR: Yeah, stay clear.

[0:01:54.7] JC: Well, what about you?

[0:01:56.0] SR: Well, I’ve just been a fan of mixed martial arts for many years. That has segued into I’ve taken boxing coaching. I’ve taken Muay Thai coaching, private coaching. I am just an overall fan of mixed martial arts. Mixed martial arts has then got me to appreciate the individual disciplines, like karate. I know speaking of Karate Kid, I mean, definitely speaking of UFC. The Karate Kid I’m sure influenced GSP, George St. Pierre, one of the greatest mixed martial arts ever, who was a former student who was bullied, who then went into karate and then became one of the greatest UFC champions ever. You can create a lot of parallels with the Karate Kid into how they manifested in real life.

[0:02:32.6] JC: Absolutely. Well back to this movie, so came out 1984. This is the 35th anniversary. Hard to believe. Guess what the budget was? Any idea?

[0:02:43.9] SR: I’m going to guess around 5 million?

[0:02:46.1] JC: That’s a pretty good guess. It was 8 million.

[0:02:47.9] SR: Wow.

[0:02:48.3] JC: Not a lot of big names, I mean, to get this young cast, right? Pat Morita wasn’t a household name.

[0:02:53.9] SR: What did Ralph Macchio do prior to this?

[0:02:56.5] JC: He was in up the academy. It was this cheesy little movie and then he was in a ton of episodes of Eight is Enough.

[0:03:02.7] SR: Wait. Was Outsiders before or after Karate Kid?

[0:03:05.2] JC: It’s right before.

[0:03:06.3] SR: Okay. This is coming right off Outsiders.

[0:03:08.3] JC: Yeah. He was in The Outsiders, which was of all things, filmed in my hometown Tulsa, Oklahoma.

[0:03:13.5] SR: I didn’t know that.

[0:03:14.6] JC: Francis Ford Coppola came to town. It was written by S.E. Hinton who was a Tulsan. I’m 11, 12-years-old and here comes Coppola and company and all you really knew at the time was Matt Dillon. You look back now it’s like, “Oh, my gosh.” You got Emilio Estevez, Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Diane Lane. It’s loaded, but you don’t know all of that.

[0:03:34.8] SR: Sure. That was a springboard for many of them. They were not household names by any means.

[0:03:39.6] JC: Macchio. Yes, so seeing him in that, that’s what got him this role, Karate Kid. Guess what it grossed. US gross.

[0:03:47.1] SR: Okay, US gross. Let’s see, budget of 8 million. 50 million.

[0:03:51.6] JC: Almost 91 million.

[0:03:53.3] SR: Wow.

[0:03:54.5] JC: Who knows what worldwide. These are just numbers from IMDB. It’s no wonder they spawned so many sequel, shows, etc., etc.

[0:04:01.1] SR: Who got rich? Weintraub?

[0:04:02.9] JC: Jerry Weintraub. Definitely he got rich.

[0:04:03.9] SR: He got rich.

[0:04:04.6] JC: Oh, for sure.

[0:04:05.5] SR: There is an old thing I heard. It’s when they were talking about how much Tom Cruise earned and for Mission Impossible or whatever, bragging about how big his cheques were, but then somebody said, “Well, there was always some producer who signed the check to Tom Cruise who was making more money than Tom Cruise.”

[0:04:20.1] JC: Oh, for sure. Yes. It still gets 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, 7.2 on IMDB. I hadn’t seen the film in a while. To start it, did you realize that they were in New Jersey in the beginning this movie?

[0:04:32.7] SR: No. I forgot that part.

[0:04:33.8] JC: I forgot all of that.

[0:04:34.5] SR: You know what? When I originally saw it, I might have come into the movie theater late. I must have missed that part.

[0:04:38.0] JC: You never do it.

[0:04:39.2] SR: No. I don’t remember that at all. I was –

[0:04:40.8] JC: Then I was road trip from New Jersey to Los Angeles and it’s a whole opening credits montage that I totally was lost on me.

[0:04:48.9] SR: I expected to see all the states. They go from New Jersey and the next thing you know when I recognized it because I’ve been there many times, they’re in Sedona, Arizona. They went from New Jersey to Sedona, Arizona –

[0:04:58.0] JC: Yeah, without getting gas.

[0:04:59.9] SR: I’m thinking, “What? Where did they stop in between?” All of a sudden, they’re in Sedona, then they’re in California.

[0:05:05.4] JC: Well, they only had 8 million dollars.

[0:05:07.5] SR: You can only do so many things.

[0:05:08.8] SR: They couldn’t really go there.

[0:05:09.8] SR: They jumpstarted the car. A lot of people don’t know that you can do that. A friend of my –

[0:05:12.5] JC: Pop the clutch, man.

[0:05:13.5] SR: Pop the clutch. A friend of mine, his motorcycle wouldn’t start. I was like, “Let’s push it, man.” We pushed it and he would start up his motorcycle. It was interesting to see them start up the car that way and they traveled cross-country jumpstarting this car? That’s crazy.

[0:05:25.7] JC: A lot of foreshadowing there. I learned how to drive on a standard and I learned how to get out of first on a big hill. There was times, popping the clutch was standard procedure.

[0:05:33.6] SR: Yeah. That’s tough though, because I’ve tried clutch. I’ve tried it. I know how to do it. I know what to do, but I’m really bad at it. I stall in first, it’s just bad. I’m better on automatic.

[0:05:43.2] JC: I wish my car was standard. Anyway, they’re on the long road trip and then they wind up in of all places, Reseda. Why not? At the Seven Seas, which I will say I went there three weeks ago, just to see if it was still standing. Looks exactly the same.

[0:05:58.1] SR: You know what? I’m really surprised to hear that, because for those of you unfamiliar with what’s going on in the area present-day Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley being a suburb, I would almost call a former suburb. It’s now becoming more urban. 

I’m surprised that that building is still standing, because there’s a lot of demolition going on. They demoed Marilyn Monroe’s old house at North Hollywood over here not too long ago. Why would they care about Karate Kid apartment building? I’m so surprised and pleasantly surprised that it’s still standing today. You can drive over there and see it today.

[0:06:27.8] JC: It’s all that patchwork that Miyagi did back in the day.

[0:06:29.9] SR: He did. He was good. He was good with his hands.

[0:06:32.5] JC: I even went up to the gate, it was pretty funny. Now it’s see-through, so it’s not that wooden gate that Daniel could not see through. There’s the pool, there’s the waterfall. I didn’t go in to look at apartment 20.

[0:06:42.8] SR: By the way, that apartment complex is on Saticoy near Tampa.

[0:06:46.3] JC: That’s exactly right. We start off, Daniel is so against moving and he’s just got this bad attitude. His mother is so upbeat and excited to move. Some computer company has brought her West.

[0:06:58.5] SR: She’s got a downright positive attitude.

[0:06:59.9] JC: Super positive. He’s a little grumpy.

[0:07:02.4] SR: Honestly, I’m not liking him so much in the beginning.

[0:07:04.9] JC: Yeah. Not a little grumpy. He is really pissed.

[0:07:06.4] SR: Yeah. I’m just not into his character.

[0:07:08.4] JC: You’re lukewarm about him.

[0:07:09.1] SR: Yeah. I’m like, “That’s ungrateful kid. His devoted mother bringing him along in a cross-country road trip.” My mother never took me on a road trip.

[0:07:15.3] JC: A single mother at that. She’s got a job for them and she relocated. His first encounter with someone else his own age, he kicks open the door to this Seven Seas and knocks over Freddy, who befriends him immediately and seems like a really nice guy.

[0:07:30.5] SR: Yeah, he seems like a legitimate kid that wants to have a new friend and happy to welcome him to the building.

[0:07:35.7] JC: Invites him to a cookout the next day. Immediately, he’s got something in his day planner.

[0:07:40.1] SR: I’m starting to figure out what day it is. I’m figuring if they had a beach party and then they had school the next day, so that means it must have been a Sunday.

[0:07:47.5] JC: They arrived on a Saturday.

[0:07:49.3] SR: They arrived on a Saturday, go to the beach party on a Sunday, then have school on Monday.

[0:07:53.1] JC: It wasn’t just school, it was first day in school.

[0:07:55.7] SR: Okay. Yeah, so this is actually a very interesting time in the school year as well, not only in Danielson’s life.

[0:08:05.1] JC: We meet Freddy, he invites him. On the way up to apartment 20, they passed this old lady with a dog. Now do you recognize that old lady at all?

[0:08:13.8] SR: No, I didn’t recognize her.

[0:08:15.1] JC: She was Happy Gilmore’s grandmother from Happy Gilmore.

[0:08:18.6] SR: Oh, in Happy Gilmore. Okay.

[0:08:20.3] JC: She was in a bunch of episodes of Seinfeld. Anyway, small bit but I thought, “I knew she looked familiar.”

[0:08:25.7] SR: Okay, when Danielson brought the water for the dogs is when he started to redeem himself to me.

[0:08:30.8] JC: That’s right. Yes.

[0:08:31.6] SR: I thought, “Okay. Well, he’s thoughtful.”

[0:08:33.8] JC: Yeah, it’s a lot road trip. He was grumpy. His mom wouldn’t stop, so maybe that was part of it.

[0:08:36.7] SR: Yeah. I thought it was a nice gesture.

[0:08:38.2] JC: Yeah, it was.

[0:08:38.8] SR: A kind gesture. That’s when I started to think, “Okay, maybe this Danielson is not such a bad kid after all.”

[0:08:45.6] JC: We then meet Mr. Miyagi and he’s trying to catch flies with chopsticks; a little foreshadowing.

[0:08:51.2] SR: Is that what he’s doing in the beginning?

[0:08:52.7] JC: The first time Daniel sees him, that’s what he’s doing. Oh, he’s not catching, but he’s trying. Did you ever try to catch flies with chopsticks after this?

[0:09:01.5] SR: I’ve never tried to catch flies with chopsticks, but I have tried to trap flies because I do a catch-and-release system with –

[0:09:08.8] JC: Yes. I remember this about you.

[0:09:10.2] SR: – with critters. Yeah. I have tried to capture flies, to then release them outside. I’ve never tried with chopsticks. Never tried that.

[0:09:15.7] JC: Yeah, because you’d probably crush them.

[0:09:18.1] SR: I would imagine that if you did catch a fly with a chopstick, you would indeed end its life.

[0:09:21.4] JC: You know what? I got good at with my cousin. We caught flies in our hands, the old scoop technique. I got really good at that.

[0:09:29.1] SR: Then what you do with it?

[0:09:30.4] JC: I let them go.

[0:09:31.3] SR: Oh, you let them go?

[0:09:31.7] JC: We would tell each other, “Catch them, hold them for three seconds, open your hands. He’ll fly away, but he’ll come back because he’s been in your –” Sometimes that happens.

[0:09:40.1] SR: Really?

[0:09:40.5] JC: Yeah, we thought we were like kung fu masters. Yeah, it was pretty cool.

[0:09:44.1] SR: No, that was a precursor to catching it with the chops. Well, have you ever caught flies with chopsticks then?

[0:09:47.5] JC: Never tried.

[0:09:48.5] SR: Never tried. Well, you know what? There’s a sushi place right across the street.

[0:09:51.3] JC: They have flies?

[0:09:52.5] SR: Hopefully not, but they definitely have chopsticks. I’m actually curious now to see if that is indeed possible. I wonder, did they just create that concept for the movie, or is that actually some old samurai concept?

[0:10:03.9] JC: If and when we get Ralph Macchio on, that’s a good question for him.

[0:10:07.2] SR: Yeah, I like that.

[0:10:08.6] JC: Because I’d like to know that too. Where did that come from? Is that in the script?

[0:10:11.8] SR: What if the fly with chopstick was just improv for the day and they decided to keep it?

[0:10:15.1] JC: So impractical too. Like, really? You’re going to catch that fly with the chopstick? Hey. He meets Pat Morita. Now Pat Morita, let’s talk about him for a second; came from Sanford and Son. That’s would you say? Redd Foxx discovered him?

[0:10:28.3] SR: Redd Foxx discovered Pat Morita through stand-up comedy. He saw him doing stand-up comedy. I don’t know where. I guess, Los Angeles. Then had him come on Sanford and Son. I believe that’s where he got his television start was what was the character’s name?

[0:10:41.2] JC: Ah Chew.

[0:10:41.7] SR: Ah Chew.

[0:10:42.7] JC: What a name.

[0:10:43.0] SR: You never get away with that today. Ah Chew played by Pat Morita had his television debut Sanford and Son, discovered by Redd Foxx. A really good interesting bit of trivia.

[0:10:52.3] JC: Then of course, Happy Days, which I really remember him from is Arnold.

[0:10:56.1] SR: Okay, so that’s when I personally first learned about Pat Morita was on Happy Days.

[0:10:59.0] JC: Yeah, me too. Jerry Weintraub, the producer did not initially want Pat Morita for the role.

[0:11:03.9] SR: No, because he thought that he would make the role too comical. Because see, prior to the Karate Kid, Pat Morita was known as a comedian, a stand-up comedian then comedic actor. Then all of a sudden, they want to introduce him to this movie as playing some karate sensei. Jerry Weintraub was like, “Uh, no. He’s a comedian.” He basically, I think had to audition and prove himself and then Weintraub was impressed by his performance.

[0:11:29.5] JC: Then what happened –

[0:11:30.6] SR: Well, let me just give a little more.

[0:11:32.2] JC: Please.

[0:11:32.6] SR: What happened was – Pat Morita patterned in the role of Mr. Miyagi after Sensei Fumio Demura. They’d made a documentary about him in 2017 called The Real Mr. Miyagi. Pat Morita patterned Mr. Miyagi after Fumio Demura, a very famous Japanese karate martial artist.

[0:11:54.0] JC:  To prove he really deserved the part, Mr. Miyagi goes on, gets nominated for a Golden Globe.

[0:12:00.0] SR: An Oscar.

[0:12:00.9] JC: Nominated for an Oscar. Doesn’t win either, but –

[0:12:04.1] SR: What do you think when you’re in a position –

[0:12:05.2] JC: Amazing.

[0:12:05.9] SR: When you’re in a position like Weintraub’s, you’re like, “I didn’t want this guy at first and now he’s nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe.” Does that do anything to you, I wonder? Doesn’t that question your movie knowledge?

[0:12:15.9] JC: I think you quickly say, “I signed off on that.”

[0:12:18.5] SR: Yeah, exactly. You’ll take the credit.

[0:12:19.9] JC: You spin it around.

[0:12:20.5] SR: Yes, spin it.

[0:12:21.4] JC: Look what I put in motion. All right, so that’s Pat Morita. We’ve got a little bit of him. Now back on point, Daniel’s at the beach hanging out with Freddy, hanging out with the guys, playing soccer, which is cool to see. I’m a big soccer guy. There’s the first time we see a young Elizabeth Shue as Ali, the love interest. Who would go on after this to be in movies like Cocktail, Back to the Future 2 and 3, Adventures in Babysitting, Leaving Las Vegas. She’s had a really – of all the people from Karate Kid, she’s probably had one of the best careers.

[0:12:54.2] SR: Does she do bikini work and all of her films, or was it just in the Karate Kid?

[0:12:57.7] JC: Well, there is a – some suit in Cocktail.

[0:13:01.3] SR: Really?

[0:13:02.0] JC: Yeah.

[0:13:02.9] SR: Okay. Note to self, watch Cocktail.

[0:13:04.8] JC: Not Back to the Future.

[0:13:06.7] SR: I don’t think so.

[0:13:07.4] JC: Not Back to the Future 2 or 3, or Adventures in Babysitting. Although, Leaving Las Vegas, pretty gritty. It’s a great movie. It was a dark Mike Figgis film. There’s a side to her that’s not the usual Elizabeth Shue.

[0:13:18.7] SR: Interesting. Yeah, because her role is very wholesome, right?

[0:13:21.4] JC: Very much.

[0:13:22.4] SR: This whole movie is encouraging, supporting. Just wanted to be done with Johnny.

[0:13:27.2] JC: Right, which is shocking that she was with Johnny. I know that’s it’s over and we don’t see it happen on camera, but she was really with him? She ran with the Cobra Kais?

[0:13:38.3] SR: You know what’s funny is if they read through this movie today, I guess they did with the Karate Kid, but let’s forget about that for a second. They would have some prequel. In the prequel, we would get to see Ali and Johnny dating, we all have seen the jerk date the nice person.

[0:13:54.2] JC: That’s true.

[0:13:55.5] SR: It makes total sense that this sweet girl dated this jerk and then eventually does try to break up with him.

[0:14:01.5] JC: We’ve seen him away from the Cobra Kais at the Country Club, for instance. He fits in that society very well.

[0:14:08.0] SR: The parents liked him.

[0:14:08.5] JC: The parents liked him. It could probably like the parents, they’re his parents, and so there’s probably another side to him and he probably got darker in Cobra Kai. Maybe that’s why she broke up with him.

[0:14:18.6] SR: A little bit of background on Johnny’s character, or rather should I say the actor portraying Johnny, how he approached the role was that he –

[0:14:27.3] JC: William Zabka?

[0:14:28.2] SR: William Zabka. William Zabka, imagine that his sensei when he did some research into how he wanted to portray the role, the sensei was the only father figure he’s ever known. That was an attachment he had to the sensei, to the point where he’s willing then later –

[0:14:45.0] JC: John Kreese.

[0:14:45.9] SR: Yes, later to do whatever he says.

[0:14:47.8] JC: That’s true, because we don’t meet Johnny’s dad in Karate Kid.

[0:14:52.0] SR: We don’t know anything about his family.

[0:14:53.7] JC: I’ve actually seen Cobra Kai. We’re saving that for the podcast. We get into that. You do delve deep into Johnny’s background with his parents.

[0:15:00.7] SR: It is almost a prequel in a way.

[0:15:03.3] JC: Yes. It’s like a lost. You go back and forth and learn about the character. We’re back on the beach, or I guess we never left. Here comes the Cobra Kai riding dirt bikes on the beach, no helmets, looking like rock stars.

[0:15:20.4] SR: They didn’t have helmet law then.

[0:15:22.1] JC: They didn’t have helmet law. They come rolling up and immediately chaos ensues.

[0:15:28.9] SR: This is where some people talk about how Danielson is actually the bully. You can check online, there’s all kinds of information about how people theorizing that it’s actually Danielson, child psychologist, sociologist, Daniel was more of the bully and instigator than Johnny. This is due to the scenes involving Daniel “standing up for himself.” In fact, in acts of retaliation against something Johnny has perceived to have done to Ali. Some people are downright say that Danielson was the bully.

[0:16:04.4] JC: I wouldn’t go so far to say that, but I also wouldn’t call Danielson innocent. I think he definitely helps fuel the fire. He’s got that, he’s from the East Coast. He has a short fuse. Daniel obviously does.

[0:16:16.6] SR: He’s going to stand up for himself.

[0:16:17.5] JC: He stands up for himself. He goes over to an obviously bad situation with guys who look tough. His buddies who he’s barely buddies with –

[0:16:25.9] SR: Don’t look tough.

[0:16:26.7] JC: Quickly fade away and he’s all by himself. I give him credit, he didn’t back down.

[0:16:31.3] SR: Yeah. When he got pushed down, he threw that stereo aside and got up and ready to fight.

[0:16:36.6] JC: Then punched him. Not sucker punch, but got a good hit on Johnny; made his mouth bleed. Then Johnny of course, puts him down on the sand. When that happens, the guy Freddy who brings him to the beach quickly disowns Daniel.

[0:16:52.9] SR: He knows that he would not be getting any karate lessons as he had hoped for.

[0:16:56.0] JC: Daniel lives in Reseda. This happened in where? Malibu.

[0:16:59.6] SR: It was actually at Leo Carrillo State Beach, actually a place that I visit quite often.

[0:17:03.6] JC: What is that? 20 miles?

[0:17:05.6] SR: It’s a little bit north of Malibu, I believe.

[0:17:07.9] JC: Exactly. Daniel has no ride home. This is a pre-Uber, pre-Lyft.

[0:17:13.0] SR: There was no bus. At that time, it was RTD, not Metro. There was no RTD.

[0:17:16.6] JC: Yeah. It’s Sunday night, dude. He’s got school the next day. Freddy leaves and now Daniel, his pride kicks in and he shoves away Ali. “Get away. I’m fine. I’ll be fine.” You have no idea how he gets home, but he doesn’t have any money. That happened.

[0:17:30.7] SR: How does he get home? His friends left him. Ali’s not – Wait, did Ali take him home?

[0:17:35.3] JC: No. He told her to leave.

[0:17:37.1] SR: Okay. Yeah, how did he get home? Maybe he walked.

[0:17:39.1] JC: Walked to a payphone, called. Now, because he kept the whole thing a secret from his mother, the next day he wakes up, he’s wearing shades first day of school. Anyway –

[0:17:46.7] SR: What do you call that? That’s not called a blooper. What is that called? A glitch?

[0:17:49.2] JC: I don’t know.

[0:17:50.1] SR: Unanswered question.

[0:17:50.6] JC: Skipping ahead. They can’t tie up every loose end.

[0:17:53.0] SR: Yeah, okay. There you go.

[0:17:54.6] JC: A little bit before we go on, a little bit about Williams Zabka, the Johnny Lawrence, the head Cobra Kai, he was in a few other movies and some I really liked. Just one of the guy’s okay. National Lampoon’s European Vacation. Great movie. Griswold, he was dating the Griswold daughter. He wasn’t nice in that, but he had a little bit of that aura about him. 

Definitely in the Rodney Dangerfield movie Back to School, it’s almost like, he plays a character named Chas, but he’s really almost playing Johnny in college. He was a real jerk in that movie. He’s a swimmer, he’s a diver, much like Rodney Dangerfield’s son. He was a super jerk to him. He was in a frat. He really nailed that cocky, blonde, all-American persona.

[0:18:39.9] SR: I totally forgot about that. After the movie, having had no martial arts experience prior to the film, he went on to become a, I think it was a second degree – I think they called it a second degree green belt. I don’t know the belts. He started advanced in karate after this movie. Prior to all that, he was actually an accomplished wrestler, maybe a high school wrestler, or college wrestler. To this day, he still owns the red leather jacket that he wore in the film. Still owns that today.

[0:19:06.7] JC: It’s a great-looking jacket.

[0:19:07.8] SR: Does he have it in Cobra Kai?

[0:19:09.2] JC: He does.

[0:19:09.8] SR: Oh, okay. That’s his own personal prop.

[0:19:11.5] JC: It’s a great jacket. Yes, little Michael Jackson. I also was going to say that when they look down Daniel and maybe this is not important or not, but more soccer, Daniel, Ralph Macchio is a pretty good juggler of the soccer ball.

[0:19:25.5] SR: Yeah, I noticed that.

[0:19:26.5] JC: He’s using his knees a lot and he was teaching Ali how to do it. I guess when I saw this movie, I was inundated in soccer. I’d seen it was just natural. Now this many years later, there’s 20 soccer scenes in this movie, which I [inaudible 0:19:39.5].

[0:19:39.7] SR: Because go onto the field.

[0:19:40.2] JC: Soccer was big. They go on the field. There’s two different practices.

[0:19:43.3] SR: No, no. You know what? I got to tell you. Okay, so I grew up in the San Fernando Valley where this movie is set. Soccer was not a big thing. That was actually for the movie, it’s – the movie made it a bigger thing. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, attending all LAUSD schools in San Fernando Valley, soccer was not a big thing.

[0:19:58.6] JC: Wow, that’s interesting.

[0:19:59.3] SR: The movie made it a big thing. Now, look where we are today. Soccer has become a bigger thing.

[0:20:03.5] JC: Yeah. It all goes back to Karate Kid.

[0:20:04.8] SR: Karate Kid started the trend, the soccer.

[0:20:06.3] JC: Thank you, Karate Kid. I was also going to point out, one of the Cobra Kai’s has a famous father.

[0:20:12.4] SR: Yeah, well one of the Cobra Kai’s will place Dutch, named Chad McQueen, son of Steve McQueen.

[0:20:19.1] JC: He actually studied martial arts from Chuck Norris.

[0:20:21.8] SR: Yeah. He’s got some moves.

[0:20:23.7] JC: Yeah, when they get to the tournament much later, the All-Valley tournament of anybody, he looks the most legitimate, of the Cobra Kais. They have other people in the tournament that you could tell were real martial artists. They were sprinkling that man to give it the authenticity.

[0:20:36.9] SR: You had the referee of the match, name is Pat E. Johnson. He is a karate expert and former student going back to Chuck Norris again. He instructed many movie stars in karate. He’s credited at the end of the movie as the fight instructor, choreographer for the film. I didn’t know that. I don’t know that the referee was the fight choreographer.

[0:20:56.9] JC: Makes sense.

[0:20:57.3] SR: Until the very end. You got to look at the credits. I encourage people to stick around for the credits of a movie. You’ve seen the movie theater, people get up and leave. Well, now more people are staying because they think that there’s going to be a little end scene. If it’s not a Marvel movie, most people are going to get up and leave. You missed some –

[0:21:10.5] JC: Or Ferris Bueller.

[0:21:11.7] SR: Okay, you missed some stuff if you just get up and leave. Definitely stick around. There was also another guy, a guy named Darryl Vidal. Now Darryl Vidal who also portrays a tournament finalist in the movie, he is the guy that did the body doubling of Mr. Miyagi when he’s doing the crane on the beach.

[0:21:28.1] JC: Okay. Yeah.

[0:21:29.7] SR: A guy from the tournament body doubled Pat Morita for the crane scene.

[0:21:33.3] JC: 8 million dollar movie, you got to have multiple jobs.

[0:21:36.2] SR: He was really light on his feet, I thought, when he was doing those movements on that beam of wood, or on that post. Really light, like a feather.

[0:21:44.9] JC: Yeah, it was a good scene. I’m more foreshadowing, but we’ll get to that. That’s ahead of us.

[0:21:48.8] SR: We’ll get to that. I’m jumping ahead.

[0:21:49.4] JC: Okay. Here we are, first day of school, Daniel has a shiner and there’s more soccer. We’re not even in school, we’re literally at soccer practice.

[0:21:58.1] SR: It’s like, 12 hours later he’s soccering again.

[0:21:59.8] JC: He’s juggling away and then there’s cruel summer that song is playing.

[0:22:04.6] SR: Bananarama.

[0:22:05.7] JC: Then Cobra Kais are scheming a plan. They have already bested him at the beach, embarrassed him in front of Ali and they’re already scheming on the soccer field.

[0:22:14.4] SR: they see him first, I believe. I think they spot him first before he spots them.

[0:22:17.7] JC: Well, there’s more. Yes, that’s true.

[0:22:19.4] SR: Yeah. They spot him and that’s when they start scheming.

[0:22:21.4] JC: During a game, soccer game, Bobby takes out Daniel. Obvious red card. Ejection. What does Daniel do? Immediately fights back and slugs Bobby and they always get the retaliation. Coach ejects Daniel. He’s lost his mind. Ali oversees this whole thing and Daniel looks like the crazy man, because he’s just – he’s got that short fuse. He’s being picked on.

[0:22:48.3] SR: I thought he was going to get kicked out of school, because right before that little fight on the soccer field, he and Daniel and Ali are having a nice little flirtatious moment. They’re having a nice little moment. 

I thought to myself that she’s thinking, “Oh, he’s going to be here. We’re in school. We’re going to date.” That’s where she’s probably thinking. Then he gets the boot. I’m thinking as the viewer, he’s getting expelled from school and then she’s looking at him going, “Oh, my gosh. There it is. It’s over before it even started.”

[0:23:14.2] JC: That’s true. If you punch someone in my school, you’re not just leaving soccer practice, you are ejected from school.

[0:23:20.5] SR: Today if you punch somebody, you’re probably getting arrested.

[0:23:25.1] JC: There’s that. Yeah, this is the 80s.

[0:23:27.8] SR: The 80s, you can get away with that.

[0:23:29.4] JC: 80s. I think he had a knife.

[0:23:30.6] SR: You could have a knife in school. It was no big deal.

[0:23:32.6] JC: Yes, the 80s. Cut to which I think is more foreshadowing, Daniel in his apartment reading a book about karate and doing some self-lessons.

[0:23:41.9] SR: Yeah, he’s kicking.

[0:23:43.1] JC: He’s kicking. Mr. Miyagi, the maintenance man enters the scene and surveys what’s going on.

[0:23:47.8] SR: Because what – he fixed the sink, right? There was a leak in the sink?

[0:23:49.2] JC: Correct. Yes.

[0:23:50.1] SR: Okay. Mr. Miyagi arrives to fix the sink and sees Daniel practicing kicks.

[0:23:53.5] JC: Exactly. Just a little moment there. Next, we see Daniels mom, Mrs. LaRusso at a restaurant, not at her computer job, which went under, by the way. I missed that she even worked at a computer company, but Daniel tells Freddy that in the beginning. Then there’s a little bit of an exchange where she said they went under and then she lucked into this job at the orient-express and she became the hostess.

[0:24:20.2] SR: Interesting. I’m wondering if maybe the production lost a location or something, they had to change – Why would they just make that right turn all of a sudden?

[0:24:26.4] JC: Well, they stuck her right next to the Cobra Kai dojo too. Again, it’s 8 million dollar budget. No.

[0:24:33.3] SR: You got to stay tight. Keep things tight.

[0:24:34.3] JC: Keep it tight. We got to cut that computer company. She’s at the restaurant and in the background you can see it, it says karate, right? When I saw this movie not as a kid, when I saw it, I don’t know. I watched about seven, eight years ago. I saw a street and it was Cloverdale. This is at Miracle Mile, Los Angeles and Wilshire, Cloverdale Wilshire. 

When I was watching this movie, I was living at 4th and Cloverdale and I just had this out-of-body experience like, “Wait, two, three blocks down the Cobra Kai dojo?” I got my dog and so we walked down there just to look at this building. Is this where it was done? It was, but that’s one of two Cobra Kai locations.

[0:25:17.3] SR: Yeah, they did cheap the locations, apparently one is near off of Miracle Mile.

[0:25:21.2] JC: The exterior.

[0:25:22.2] SR: Exterior would be called the west side of Los Angeles. Then you jump back into the San Fernando Valley and the dojo is in North Hollywood on Lankershim.

[0:25:29.9] JC: Both buildings are there, but that’s more prominent. All the indoor scenes that you see in the Cobra Kai dojo are the one from NoHo.

[0:25:35.8] SR: Yeah. The one in NoHo on Lankershim, between Chandler and Magnolia in NoHo Arts District today was famous locally for being a dance studio. Apparently, it was a very famous dance studio. Also, they also had aerobics classes. When I first moved in NoHo 20 years ago, you had a lot of dance classes there I used to see. Little did I know when I’d see the dance classes there, when I would be eating at the Indian restaurant across the alleyway, I’m looking over at the dance class not realizing that that was the Cobra Kai dojo.

[0:26:04.8] JC: That’s amazing. If I was old enough in the 80s, or I’m surprised someone didn’t do this, but why didn’t they not roll out Cobra Kai studios everywhere?

[0:26:14.7] SR: They could have.

[0:26:15.8] JC: They definitely could have.

[0:26:16.8] SR: They didn’t capitalize off it.

[0:26:18.2] JC: It might have been too early. It definitely helped prime karate in America.

[0:26:21.9] SR: I say this as a toy collector, why didn’t they have the whole line of action figures immediately? Or did they? I don’t think that they had original real Karate Kid, or Cobra Kai action figure.

[0:26:30.8] JC: Because Lucas didn’t make this movie.

[0:26:32.6] SR: If Lucas would’ve made this movie, we would have Cobra Kai motorcycles. You would definitely have the motorcycles, the dirt bikes.

[0:26:39.0] JC: Oh, yes.

[0:26:39.5] SR: You’d have the Cobra Kai dirt bikes.

[0:26:40.8] JC: Absolutely. The red jackets.

[0:26:42.3] SR: Oh, you’d have the red jackets. You’d have headbands.

[0:26:45.2] JC: Headbands, the chopsticks.

[0:26:46.7] SR: You have it all.

[0:26:47.4] JC: I mean, they had a few trinkets here and there. I did see some – I went to video stores back then, that’s how I even found Karate Kid. I didn’t see it in the theater unfortunately. One video store called all the right movies. They had this thing behind the counter and it was chopsticks, like Karate Kid branded. There was a little bit of that going on, but not enough.

[0:27:06.5] SR: Not what they would have today.

[0:27:07.9] JC: I mean, had it come out now, Cobra Kai would be everywhere. It would be like the Chipotle of Karate dojos. Why not? Or the Starbucks. Daniel was talking to his mother, getting the lowdown, sharing about Ali, this love interest. He’s excited, because he’s going to –although Daniel is reading his book about karate, he knows he needs to learn from a master. He goes in inquiring at the dojo, not knowing it’s Cobra Kai.

[0:27:37.6] SR: Oh, that’s right. He walks in to get legitimate lessons, not realizing he was walking into the belly of the beast.

[0:27:42.8] JC: Exactly. He sees Kreese and he sees this commanding sensei has control over the whole class. It wasn’t till certain people bow and he sees Johnny’s eyes lock on him.

[0:27:54.1] SR: Yeah, because Kreese has Johnny take over the class.

[0:27:57.2] JC: That’s later.

[0:27:58.4] SR: At that moment when Johnny takes over the class –

[0:28:00.1] JC: Oh, yeah. He was in front.

[0:28:01.1] SR: Then bends down to bow and then sees Daniel. That’s when they make eye contact and Daniel is like, “Oh, no. What am I doing here?”

[0:28:10.4] JC: My question to you is what if Daniel had just stayed, stomached it, talked to Kreese and became a Cobra Kai?

[0:28:20.1] SR: Wow. Look how close we were to then what the movie being over. Then Daniel comes back as a Cobra Kai and beats up Freddy.

[0:28:30.8] JC: It’s all going back to Freddy. I mean, I know the movie is over, but he’s just not one to back down from things. Daniel decides to leave, as opposed to staying there, which would have probably solved all of his problems. Goes back, his temperament is different, he’s dejected, he’s chosen the one dojo in the world the Cobra Kai is at. He’s talking to his mother and if you remember that scene, I think the scene is actually well done, you see the Cobra Kai coming out of the studio and they spot him.

[0:28:59.6] SR: Oh, yeah. Because he’s there having lunch or dinner with his mother right in the window. They come out of the dojo and then actually, they don’t see him at first. It’s the one guy who sees him. Runs back, tells Johnny, “Hey.” Then that’s when – what did they do at that moment?

[0:29:14.0] JC: Then we cut to Daniel riding his bike from which that would have been from Miracle Mile, to Reseda, impossible, but we won’t get into that. Entourage used to do stuff like that. He’s riding his bike home. It’s eerie out. They did a good job of that.

[0:29:29.8] SR: You know what I was reminded of his when he was riding his bike at that moment, having ET flashbacks. It’s like, I think ET filmed in the valley too.

[0:29:39.2] JC: Went to the house one time.

[0:29:40.1] SR: Okay, so ET filmed at the valley and they had the end of the bicycle riding at night. I was totally reminded of scenes from ET when Daniel is riding his bike there before he gets accosted by these brutes on dirt bikes.

[0:29:51.5] JC: This time, they’re wearing helmets.

[0:29:53.6] SR: They did have helmets, but that’s to be anonymous.

[0:29:56.7] JC: Oh, good point.

[0:29:57.7] SR: Yeah, because they knew they were going to do dirty. When they showed up at the beach, they were just going to show up at the beach and be idiots.

[0:30:04.3] JC: That’s right. You’re right.

[0:30:04.9] SR: Tonight, they knew they were going to do something.

[0:30:06.5] JC: Good point. Yeah, it was pre-meditated.

[0:30:07.7] SR: Yes, exactly.

[0:30:08.5] JC: I want to talk about Kreese real quick. Kreese, the Cobra Kai sensei he’s played by Martin Cove. He’s a longtime TV actor. He went on to play I want to say almost 200 episodes of Cagney and Lacey.

[0:30:22.5] SR: The time I saw Karate Kid for the first time, I had definitely seen him in lots of stuff.

[0:30:28.4] JC: So many things.

[0:30:29.5] SR: Yeah. I’m sure I probably saw him in a Hunter, or Falcon Crest, all those shows of the 80s. I think I saw him and I definitely had seen him before.

[0:30:39.3] JC: I doubt he was on Love Boat.

[0:30:41.4] SR: Maybe Fantasy Island.

[0:30:42.8] JC: Everybody else was on Love Boat, but I don’t know about Martin Cove. He’s in Cobra Kai.

[0:30:47.6] SR: Okay. I’m looking forward to it. Chuck Norris was rumored to have been asked to play that role, but he was never asked to play that role.

[0:30:54.1] JC: That’s right.

[0:30:54.8] SR: Yeah. The rumor was he was asked to play that role and turned down the role, because he thought it would portray karate senseis in a negative light.

[0:31:02.7] JC: That’s a good point.

[0:31:04.0] SR: Now when Chuck Norris came back and said, “Yeah, that’s true. I was never offered the role, but I would have turned it down for that very reason.”

[0:31:12.8] JC: That’s a good point.

[0:31:13.7] SR: He validated it.

[0:31:14.4] JC: I agree. His image was much cleaner than that. It wouldn’t have fit for him. I’m glad that Chuck Norris wasn’t that role. I think he’s great, but I don’t think he could have portrayed it as evil.

[0:31:24.0] SR: I’m just wondering if Chuck Norris has ever played bad guy. He doesn’t play bad guy.

[0:31:27.5] JC: He played tough guy, like Lone Wolf McQuade. He was tough.

[0:31:30.2] SR: Yeah, but he’s not bad guy.

[0:31:31.4] JC: No, he’s not a bad guy. Then Texas, what was that?

[0:31:33.7] SR: Walker Texas Ranger.

[0:31:34.6] JC: Walker Texas Ranger. It was more of a silly, campy –

[0:31:38.4] SR: Yeah, but he’s always good guy.

[0:31:39.8] JC: He’s a good guy. Yeah. I don’t know. I mean, they got the right guy.

[0:31:43.2] SR: Yeah, he’s fantastic.

[0:31:43.5] JC: Kreese if he’s in karate or not, he didn’t even have to do much. Just his presence.

[0:31:49.0] SR: He never does karate in the movie.

[0:31:51.0] JC: Yeah, he looks like a GI Joe figure. He just looks like he’s chiseled out of some other – like Eastwood.

[0:31:57.4] SR: Yeah, well speaking of GI Joe and Eastwood when they first go into the dojo, you see some items on the wall. One of those is some Vietnam shot that shows that Kreese was a veteran of Vietnam. A Vietnam War veteran turned sensei. Speaking of Eastwood, Eastwood son, Clint Eastwood’s son –

[0:32:20.7] JC: Not Scott.

[0:32:21.7] SR: Not Scott. Kyle Eastwood auditioned for the role of Daniel. Then when he didn’t get the part, his father Clint Eastwood banned all Coca-Cola products from the sets of all his movies, because at that time, Columbia Studios owned Coca-Cola at the time. 

That was Clint Eastwood’s way of getting back at Columbia for not casting his son, Kyle Eastwood, to play Daniel. Guess what others famous son we have as you mentioned earlier, Steve McQueen. We have Steve McQueen’s son in the movie. Clint Eastwood is like, “Oh, you’re not going to have my son in the movie? Well, no Coca-Cola products on my set.”

[0:32:55.7] JC: Steve McQueen’s son was a real legitimate karate expert. He also wasn’t Daniel. I mean, Daniel was going to the right guy. Ralph Macchio was the right guy.

[0:33:05.3] SR: Well, he’s the right guy. At the same time, other actors who were considered for Daniel, Sean Penn at one time considered, C. Thomas Howell considered.

[0:33:12.8] JC: I could see him doing it.

[0:33:13.5] SR: You could see C. Thomas Howell?

[0:33:14.7] JC: Yes. Because he’s got that sympathy, more than Sean Penn’s too tough. He could have been Johnny.

[0:33:21.2] SR: Well, Sean Penn at the time turned down the offer. I don’t know if he ever auditioned, but turned down the offer because he thought he wanted to do more adult roles. At that time, these guys are in their early 20s. Well, I could either go back and play high school again or college, or I could play adult roles. You also had Charlie Sheen also considered for the role.

[0:33:37.8] JC: Charlie, he might have been able to do it. Yeah.

[0:33:40.5] SR: I forgot about Charlie Sheen’s early roles. I forgot what he did early on.

[0:33:44.1] JC: Well, Young Guns is the first time I remember him coming on the scene. Oh, and then Lucas. What am I saying? Of course, he was in Lucas with Kerri Green and Corey Haim. He was also in Young Guns, but his brother was much bigger at the time. C. Thomas Howell had that persona. He would have been a good another choice. Tom Cruise also could have probably done it.

[0:34:05.7] SR: Yes. You’re looking at grabbing from the outside.

[0:34:08.1] JC: Everybody in the Outsiders. Yeah. Rob Lowe. Now Rob Lowe is too pretty boy. He would have had a hard time having the sympathy for him. I thought Ralph Macchio was great. It was the role he was supposed to have.

[0:34:18.2] SR: Well, what’s interesting is when you look up all this trivia on who was considered for any given role, it doesn’t say anywhere how they finally then landed on Ralph Macchio, how they got back to Ralph Macchio after all these other guys.

[0:34:30.0] JC: Yeah, that’s a question for Ralph Macchio.

[0:34:32.2] SR: We will ask definitely –

[0:34:32.5] JC: We’re going to have to get him on one of our shows. All right, so now the Cobra Kais are coming, bearing down on Daniel on his bicycle. Having watched the scene, it’s a little comical. They come rolling up on him and there’s a massive hill and watching this aisle, I just thought if they didn’t trip him, they didn’t do anything, they just got close to him and on his own momentum, he took himself down the hill and wiped out and rolled and everything. 

I just thought, if Daniel just stopped his bicycle, got off, because he hadn’t really done anything to them, they were more heckling him, he probably could have avoided some of the situation. He gets in his own way sometimes.

[0:35:15.3] SR: They did what you would call running him off the road.

[0:35:18.2] JC: I would have stopped.

[0:35:19.5] SR: Well, sure.

[0:35:20.5] JC: Maybe not. Maybe not.

[0:35:21.9] SR: How about the fall? Because you see how he’s going down then all of a sudden, boom, he hits something.

[0:35:25.9] JC: Well, the bike. I watched this just before we came on, the bike literally goes about 5 feet. Not crushed. Not a scratch on it. Next time we see the bike, it’s got a cracked tire, frame and he’s throwing it in the dumpster. That’s okay. That’s movie magic. I get it, but it wasn’t as bad as we were led to believe.

[0:35:44.6] SR: The bicycle that Daniel was riding was a Mongoose. Right after the movie, Mongoose’s sales skyrocketed. The reason why I may get bicycles like Diamondbacks and Mongoose is confused is because in real life, what fights a snake? A mongoose. In the neighborhoods where I grew up in, you either had a Diamondback or you had a Mongoose and you ran with a different crowd if you were on a Diamondback versus a Mongoose.

[0:36:11.5] JC: Especially after Karate Kid.

[0:36:12.4] SR: Oh, after Karate Kid, you – Cobra Kais could be on a Diamondback, another snake, or the Mongoose –

[0:36:20.1] JC: Forcing a snake killer.

[0:36:20.9] SR: Snake killer, The Karate Kid crowd on the Mongooses. I myself, I’m proud to say I had a BMX Mongoose.

[0:36:27.0] JC: That was done on purpose. That’s his Mongoose to fight off the Cobras?

[0:36:31.1] SR: Well, I like to create parallels and I’d like to create meaning. I will take something meaningless and put meaning, if it makes sense to me. When I look at the bike he’s on, which is a Mongoose and Mongooses fight snakes. What are cobras? They are snakes.

[0:36:44.8] JC: Yes. All true.

[0:36:45.9] SR: Wow. Mind-blown.

[0:36:47.5] JC: Wow, that should be the subtitle. After the wipeout on the hill, meltdown ensues. By the time he gets home and throws his bicycle in the dumpster, his mother is just now getting home. His ordeal took a while. Also, had to ride a long way. He’s just melting down and from his mother, he’s sad, he’s beat up, he’s been beat up several times, now who overhears this entire exchange?

[0:37:13.4] SR: Who’s eavesdropping?

[0:37:14.8] JC: I don’t know. He’s just there. His little shop is right there. Mr. Miyagi hears this whole thing comes out and as the audience you realize like, “Oh, this guy’s probably going to intervene in some way.” We don’t know how, but we know – we don’t even know what he’s capable of at this point.

[0:37:32.6] SR: Sure. We just know that he’s the maintenance guy of the building. In fact, that’s another thing that I thought about is originally when we first see the original meeting between Daniel and Mr. Miyagi, it’s Daniel coming down to ask them to fix the sink. Now today, you send an e-mail to your building maintenance, that’s what I do. I send an e-mail to my maintenance and then they send a maintenance guy. I would never go down. There’s nobody to go down to. There’s no maintenance guy living there. This also represents another era where maybe there was a custodian on-site. You just don’t see that today.

[0:38:07.1] JC: Well in fact, I thought after that scene, he lived there.

[0:38:10.7] SR: That’s what I thought too. Yeah.

[0:38:12.1] JC: I thought that forever until we’ll get there, but we find out he doesn’t live there.

[0:38:16.2] SR: No. That’s just his office, so to speak.

[0:38:17.6] JC: In fact, at one – after we realized he doesn’t live there, we never see him there again. We only see him at his house.

[0:38:25.0] SR: Once you see his house, I wouldn’t want to leave there either. He’s got a cool setup.

[0:38:28.7] JC: Who knew? He has been stashing away money and he has no kids and no wife. We’re back at school and Daniel runs into Ali and he turns down a trip to the arcade with her and friends, because he sees the Cobra Kais at school. I didn’t really understand that.

[0:38:46.3] SR: Was that when he says goodbye to Ali, like I got to get out of here.

[0:38:48.8] JC: Exactly. He’s wearing – and let me just point this out. He’s wearing fatigue pants with a plaid button-up with a white shirt and bright red collar underneath. I’m a product of the 80s and I would never put all those things together. I don’t really – he looks like an idiot but. Yes, so he sees Cobra Kai at school. She wants to go off-site to an arcade, but he doesn’t even want to walk around them. He bowed out and runs home. He’s really becoming introverted, scared, runs back home.

[0:39:25.1] SR: He did what anybody who wasn’t agonized by, you could call it a gang. I mean, it’s not officially a street gang as we would know a gang, but they’re a gang.

[0:39:33.5] JC: That’s true.

[0:39:34.0] SR: They’re a gang and they threatened him. You see them at school, so you walk the other way.

[0:39:39.2] JC: It’s a pretty healthy dose of bullying for sure.

[0:39:41.4] SR: They did never use the word bullying, which is a very popular word today.

[0:39:44.2] JC: Absolutely.

[0:39:45.3] SR: Never was the word bully used. It may have been used if this movie were made today, because that’s what was happening is he became then bullied. He just took off to avoid being bullied, which anybody would probably do. I mean, what are you going to do? You can’t stand up to these six karate guys. I mean, come on.

[0:40:02.8] JC: I would have told Ali, “I’ll meet you at golf and stuff,” and went right around the Cobra Kais. “I’ll meet you at Pac-Man.” Oh, Miss Pac-Man at that. Now Daniel goes home and there’s his bike, perfect condition, the Mongoose. Amazing. You immediately know Mr. Miyagi’s got a kind heart and he’s got some skills. That bike looked better than it looked when he rode it for the first time.

[0:40:29.3] SR: Yeah, because you know what? It takes a lot of skill to true a rim. Do you know what it means to true a rim? It means you got to take a rim from bent to straight. That takes a lot of time and patience, which Mr. Miyagi has.

[0:40:43.0] JC: Obviously, he’s got that. He brings in – I mean, this is the best. This is one of the first bonding scenes between them. He not only fixes the bike, Daniel goes to thank him. He brings him in and gives him a bonsai lesson. It’s pretty cool. I got to say, are you into bonsais at all, Sal?

[0:41:01.7] SR: The bonsai trees, I totally love. I have a couple. My brother-in-law is a bonsai master. Teaches bonsai workshops.

[0:41:09.2] JC: I did not know that. I’ve always been fond of them and had a few, had a few at my office. I never really understood the trimming aspect, but I loved the miniature tree thing. You’re a big collector, so I could see you also liking them.

[0:41:22.1] SR: I like when he tells him, “Close your eyes. Imagine tree.” Then turns to the back of the tree, he goes, “Remember tree? Make into tree.” Very simple. You don’t get any much more simple than that. In fact, that’s what – that’s the whole key to Mr. Miyagi, right? It’s simplicity. Very, very simple.

[0:41:40.5] JC: Then Daniel’s mother joins them. She gets a tree.

[0:41:44.0] SR: She offers to pay him for the bike.

[0:41:45.4] JC: For the bike. He says, “No. I will not take your money.” He realizes Daniel has no father figure and he is in need of help. He’s taking on that role.

[0:41:57.2] SR: Maybe Mr. Miyagi has no son. We don’t know that.

[0:41:59.2] JC: We don’t know yet.

[0:41:59.9] SR: We never hear.

[0:42:00.8] JC: Well, we hear later.

[0:42:01.7] SR: We hear later about children?

[0:42:03.6] JC: Yes.

[0:42:04.3] SR: We do. I completely forgotten.

[0:42:05.2] JC: Well, we’ll get into that. Trees for him.

[0:42:08.1] SR: Oh, yes. Now I remember what you’re talking about the kid. Okay, let’s not give that away yet.

[0:42:11.7] JC: No, no.

[0:42:12.4] SR: We’re pretty deep.

[0:42:13.8] JC: Trees for everybody. Mr. Miyagi is the man. He’s giving everyone bonsai trees, BTs. A few beats later, Mr. Miyagi’s carving up pumpkins for Halloween. This guy, he’s super festive.

[0:42:26.1] SR: Yeah. He’s like a Renaissance man, really.

[0:42:27.5] JC: When I first saw him I thought, “Eh, this guy kills it.” I could see why he kept coming back to play this character. He’s amazing. He’s doing the Halloween bit and off-camera, he builds Daniel a great costume for Halloween, because Daniel comes back, he doesn’t want to be with the kids. His new mentor, father figure helps him. If you watch that scene again, it’s funny. You can see the shower curtain and the rod in the back line.

[0:42:56.7] SR: Yeah, there’s a foreshadow.

[0:42:57.6] JC: It’s right there again. Bam, there we are at the dance. How did Ali know that was Daniel as the shower curtain?

[0:43:07.2] SR: When she said that’s Daniel. Then I think a friend says, “How do you know?” She says, “I just do,” something like that. I did not know how she knew that that was Daniel. I mean, did we ever see him build stuff? Create stuff? Wear costumes? I don’t know how she knew that was Daniel. Maybe it was a sixth sense, maybe.

[0:43:24.6] JC: I guess she knows he likes to hide in plain sight.

[0:43:27.1] SR: Okay, I’ll go for that. I guess, she figured it out. Yeah, I thought, “How does she know that?”

[0:43:33.1] JC: It was a money outfit when she came over and he helped the curtain and brings her and closes the curtain?

[0:43:39.2] SR: That was pretty cool.

[0:43:40.6] JC: That’s pretty provocative. At my school, that would had to be clear. You could not have gotten away with that.

[0:43:47.1] SR: Well, I’m always looking for the first kiss or the first make out. There they were in the shower together, they didn’t kiss.

[0:43:54.3] JC: Fully clothed, like weird science.

[0:43:55.3] SR: They didn’t kiss. They hugged.

[0:43:58.6] JC: They hugged. They kissed at golf and stuff.

[0:44:00.3] SR: Yeah, they didn’t kiss in the shower.

[0:44:02.0] JC: No. Well, they weren’t in there very long.

[0:44:03.0] SR: Go to make-out city if that were me.

[0:44:04.3] JC: She gives him a flower and then she – Ali goes on about Johnny’s going to get his due. Someone’s going to stand up to him. He opens the shower curtain and there’s a chicken. Someone dressed as a chicken and they joke about real eggs and Daniel is hit with an egg.

[0:44:19.0] SR: By the way, the person in the costume, you remember Bobby from the Brady Bunch?

[0:44:25.0] JC: Yes.

[0:44:25.7] SR: Okay, Bobby’s brother.

[0:44:27.0] JC: Peter?

[0:44:27.5] SR: No, no. Bobby’s real-life brother.

[0:44:30.5] JC: Larry?

[0:44:31.4] SR: I don’t know his name.

[0:44:32.3] JC: I don’t know.

[0:44:33.0] SR: Bobby’s real-life brother was in that chicken suit. That’s a little bit of trivia.

[0:44:37.7] JC: It’s a lot of trivia. Is it older or younger?

[0:44:40.6] SR: That’s some odd trivia.

[0:44:42.4] JC: Bobby’s neighbor.

[0:44:43.9] SR: Bobby’s neighbor’s cousin’s roommate.

[0:44:46.2] JC: Daniel’s hit with an egg and he’s got to go clean up. What is he doing, he’s in the restroom?

[0:44:52.6] SR: That’s when he does the – well, Johnny is in a stall rolling a joint, right?

[0:44:57.4] JC: A joint. Definitely a joint.

[0:44:58.8] SR: Interesting. He went up a notch and coolness at that moment.

[0:45:02.4] JC: Yeah, he’s got his headphones on, which we’ve established Johnny in school many scenes earlier having his headphones on in a class. He’s got his headphones rocking and –

[0:45:12.4] SR: We don’t know what he’s listening to, do we?

[0:45:13.6] JC: Oh, it’s probably something heavy. I think you do hear it.

[0:45:16.1] SR: It might be Slayer or something like that probably. I’m imagining a guy like that would have probably into some metal, maybe Metallica. Was Metallica around then?

[0:45:22.7] JC: Yeah, definitely in the 80s. It have to.

[0:45:24.4] SR: Yeah? This was ’84. I don’t know if there was Metallica.

[0:45:25.8] JC: Well, someone was around heavy.

[0:45:27.2] SR: I know Slayer was definitely around. Iron Maiden. How about they’re listening to Motley Crue. He’s probably listening Motley Crue.

[0:45:33.4] JC: He’s not listening to Depeche Mode, I’ll tell you that.

[0:45:34.9] SR: No. Not listening to Flock of Seagulls.

[0:45:36.9] JC: No. What’s your cool, but not for Johnny.

[0:45:39.3] SR: He’s in there rolling a joint.

[0:45:40.1] JC: He’s listening to something heavy.

[0:45:41.3] SR: Yeah. Then Daniel takes this water hose and does this prank where he puts it over the stall and then turns on the water and gives Johnny a dose of water.

[0:45:52.1] JC: I say, “Why?” You finally got Cobra Kais to give you a little distance. They’ve not attacked you lately. Let sleeping dogs lie.

[0:46:02.1] SR: You’re with Ali on the dance floor in the shower.

[0:46:04.4] JC: You’re with the hottest girl in school and she’s dumped him and she’s into you, but you’ve taken what she said and you want to retaliate.

[0:46:11.8] SR: Are we going to get into where he gets chased and causes an automobile accident?

[0:46:15.9] JC: Three car.

[0:46:18.2] SR: When that happened, really I’m thinking, “Are you serious? You just caused an auto accident.”

[0:46:22.4] JC: This is Daniel with his no – he’s not a very good chess player. Daniel comes out the gate, he’s one man, there’s eight Cobra Kais. Why not just stand there and cover up in your outfit? Or why not just hide in a stall? He tries to run for it.

[0:46:38.8] SR: Run for it as a shower.

[0:46:41.0] JC: As a shower. I would have ran to the nearest school attendant and said, “These guys are picking on me. I’m one man against eight.” He runs in the middle of the street outside in the parking lot, three cars literally crash. Looks an episode of Chips. He jumps on another car’s hood, he almost takes a hit and he runs for the fence and the Cobra Kais are coming fast.

[0:47:04.6] SR: They’re on his tail.

[0:47:05.9] JC: On his tail.

[0:47:06.1] SR: They’re so close –

[0:47:06.7] JC: They’re wearing cool skeleton outfits too.

[0:47:08.9] SR: I’m thinking there’s no way he’s going to get away. Look how close – he’s dressed as a shower. There’s guys on his tail in skeleton the outfits, this guy’s not getting away.

[0:47:16.6] JC: I mean, Ali buys him 5 seconds with the tripping, which was nice.

[0:47:21.1] SR: Yeah. Okay. That was good.

[0:47:21.9] JC: She got his back. That didn’t buy him enough time. When I’m watching this scene, what cracks me up is he jumps over a fence, that’s another one of those real eerie fields that it looks there’s almost fog coming up. He’s going to make across this field, his apartment is right there. Danny lives 2 minutes from school? That’s the logistics?

[0:47:46.9] SR: I would never run to my house, because I don’t want them to know where I live.

[0:47:52.6] JC: He lives that close. I wouldn’t have left school.

[0:47:55.5] SR: He lived running distance home.

[0:47:57.1] JC: If I’m Daniel, I run and pull a fire alarm, but he’s not very smart. He makes it all the way to the gate, looking at his parking lot and what happens?

[0:48:09.4] SR: He’s climbing the gate. Right at that moment, I think one of them, was it Johnny?

[0:48:13.9] JC: I’m not sure if it was Johnny.

[0:48:14.9] SR: One of the Cobra Kai grabs him, pulls him to – I’m surprised he made it that far.

[0:48:19.2] JC: That’s true.

[0:48:19.9] SR: He’s a pretty good runner if he made it that far, because they would have – should’ve caught him back in the parking lot really. They were hot on his tail. He makes his way climbing up, almost to the top, one of the Cobra Kai grabs him, they start wailing – Or Johnny, I think Johnny. Johnny is like, “Let me have him,” right?

[0:48:34.4] JC: Well, Johnny’s mad.

[0:48:35.7] SR: Yeah. Yeah, because Johnny’s the one that he pranked in the bathroom.

[0:48:37.9] JC: Yeah. Dutch is also mad, but he’s always mad.

[0:48:39.9] SR: Yeah, he just has that about him. Johnny is giving him some – giving the old one-two, right? Giving him some kicks and some punches. Oh, and then even one of the Cobra Kai says, “Okay, that’s enough.” That’s when Johnny says, “I’ll say when it’s enough, or I’ll decide when it’s enough.” Then he’s about to get him again –

[0:49:01.1] JC: We see something lurking in the background. Mr. Miyagi has slowly climbed the fence, which is unlocked by the way and jumps, intersects Johnny’s impeding kick and takes Johnny down and then literally goes into a mirage of great moves and takes out every Cobra Kai.

[0:49:21.8] SR: Yeah. Well, that to be exact was stunt double Fumio Demura.

[0:49:26.7] JC: Yeah, that makes sense.

[0:49:27.9] SR: What happened in that scene, there’s more cool trivia, is Fumio tried it with the actors and they had to do take after take after take and the actors were complaining, “He’s kicking us too hard.” I mean, these people are actors in the end. They’re not official martial artists. They’re not competitive martial artists.

[0:49:45.0] JC: Except for Dutch.

[0:49:46.2] SR: They’re not black belts. Okay, so what happened is then Fumia says, “Let me use my guys.” He brings his students. They put on the skeleton costumes and they bang out the fight scene, which some people say is one of the greatest on-camera fight scenes.

[0:50:02.1] JC: It’s good.

[0:50:03.1] SR: They bang it out in one take.

[0:50:04.6] JC: Yeah, it was smart. They’re wearing the skeleton outfits, their faces are made up and Johnny – someone has his hair. It’s perfect. They nailed it. I even watch it again today before this thinking, “Well, Mr. Miyagi is doing pretty good there.” I mean, they brought him in for the close-ups, but –

[0:50:19.0] SR: Yes. He gets the two guys. Remember, he flips the two guys?

[0:50:21.0] JC: Yeah, exactly. What cracked me up about that sequence was the fact that after he goes and helps Daniel up and takes him back to the place, all you see from the Cobra Kais is just a little bit of moving. They’re not audible anymore. It’s like, yeah, okay, that’s a bit far-fetched.

[0:50:36.5] SR: You think they would have started getting up by now?

[0:50:38.4] JC: I mean, their pride was more hurt than they were. It’s not like he took deathblows. Whatever, he’s bested them, they’re beaten.

[0:50:45.8] SR: I could have sworn there was audio like, “Uh. Uh.”

[0:50:47.9] JC: Oh, there’s that, but no one’s saying anything Cobra Kai style. No mercy. I think they would have gotten up and had another round or something. Cut to Mr. Miyagi is helping Daniel heal up with some Okinawa medicine and agrees to go to the Cobra Kai dojo to talk to the sensei to have them stop picking on Daniel.

[0:51:09.9] SR: Originally, he turns it down. At first, Daniel asked him will you go with me? Doesn’t he say something like that? Will you go with me? Mr. Miyagi at first says no. Then I think Daniel gets mad, right?

[0:51:20.8] JC: He tend to do that.

[0:51:21.7] SR: Yeah, he gets angry. Then I think then Mr. Miyagi does a turn and says, “Okay, fine. I’ll go with you.”

[0:51:26.1] JC: He got his way.

[0:51:26.8] SR: Yeah. Basically, Daniel throws a tantrum and then he gets his way.

[0:51:30.6] JC: That is a constant thing. Mr. Miyagi has a – it’s a great moment. It’s small. It’s poetic and even hear that little Miyagi music comes in. As they walk away because he’s asking Mr. Miyagi what belt he is, because obviously Daniel’s consumed by belts having seen the Cobra Kais, Mr. Miyagi gives him some wisdom and says, “Karate is here, in his head, Here in his heart and not here where a belt is.” It’s a great moment. The next day, well with Mr. Miyagi and who we find out does not have a license and nor does Daniel for that matter.

[0:52:11.9] SR: I forgot that he didn’t have a license.

[0:52:13.0] JC: That’s what he says.

[0:52:14.0] SR: That’s why he had Daniel drive them to the dojo.

[0:52:15.5] JC: Then Daniel doesn’t have his license yet, so here’s two –

[0:52:18.0] SR: No, wait a second. Remember, he whips out his license and he just got it.

[0:52:21.8] JC: That’s later.

[0:52:22.7] SR: What?

[0:52:23.3] JC: That’s at his birthday party.

[0:52:24.3] SR: Oh, yes.

[0:52:25.9] JC: He is literally saying, “I don’t have mine either.” We have two unauthorized guys bouncing around town and they drive to the dojo.

[0:52:34.2] SR: Yes. Were they in the yellow car?

[0:52:36.3] JC: No. They were in Mr. Miyagi’s main car.

[0:52:38.9] SR: Okay. It wasn’t in the 1948 Ford Super Deluxe convertible.

[0:52:43.6] JC: No, we’re not there yet, but I can’t wait to get there. Now we’ve not been to his house yet. This is the last time I believe that we see Mr. Miyagi at the apartment complex, because that’s where he brought him back to health. It was at the complex. He’s got a little band there, his little workshop. Cut to they walk in the dojo. I don’t even think Mr. Miyagi has much of a plan, but he’s going to confront this guy and see if he can speak some reason to him.

[0:53:12.4] SR: Well, he didn’t have any plan. Because I think when they got to the dojo, Mr. Miyagi looked up and saw the tournament sign.

[0:53:18.3] JC: All-Valley tournament, December 19th.

[0:53:21.1] SR: Yeah. I don’t think Mr. Miyagi legitimately had any plan.

[0:53:25.4] JC: Well, he was probably hoping that it wasn’t going to be a guy like Kreese.

[0:53:28.9] SR: He probably was anticipating Kreese.

[0:53:30.7] JC: Yeah. It was like, “Oh, I can’t talk her this blockhead.” When he gets there, you can see that the students, the Cobra Kais are injured. I mean, Jonny’s got a black eye this time, one of them is in a sling.

[0:53:42.9] SR: Yes. That’s Mr. Miyagi having beaten Kreese’s students.

[0:53:47.7] JC: Correct. You could see Jonny whisper to Kreese, the sensei and then he has all the students falling behind him, so they can have this discussion at the dojo, which is a great moment. I love this scene. Mr. Miyagi asked them to stop picking on Daniel and Kreese is having none of it. He orders Daniel to the mat. He’s like, “Not in your dojo. It’s unfair, but where?” Then he nods to the poster in the background. It’s on. Now Daniel who knows nothing about karate is going to be in the All-Valley tournament.

[0:54:25.2] SR: Now wait a second though. He didn’t know nothing, because remember when he first kicks the door, when he first meets Freddy –

[0:54:29.7] JC: That’s true. Okay, he’s a white belt.

[0:54:31.3] SR: Okay, maybe he had – he took a class. I think that he took a class Deway.

[0:54:34.6] JC: Deway. At Deway.

[0:54:35.1] SR: Okay. We had the most bare minimum.

[0:54:37.2] JC: Okay, so he’s a white belt, but these guys are black belts. They’ve been training for years, maybe all of high school, probably most of middle school. Even if they’re in the same tournament, they would not be in the same class.

[0:54:47.0] SR: No. It’s like I say about myself. I’ve had enough fight training where I can probably kick somebody’s ass who has had no fight training, but could I kick somebody’s ass who’s been taking martial arts for five, 10 years? No. That’s probably at the level he was at. He could kick the average – he could have kicked Freddy’s ass, right? He’s not going to kick these ones.

[0:55:06.9] JC: No. No way. That’s not even the point. Miyagi just wants him to stand up for himself in this setting and then squash this thing, right?

None of us know this and we just assume Daniel is going to – I mean, at the time, I didn’t know the difference between belts. I just thought, “Okay, he’s going to fight these guys somehow, someway.” This dojo of course this time is not Miracle Mile we are definitely in North Hollywood NoHo for this whole sequence. Who I noticed is a Cobra Kai in the scene.

[0:55:36.9] SR: Who? Oh, Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds.

[0:55:39.4] JC: Exactly.

[0:55:40.0] SR: Yes. He’s later on in the tournament.

[0:55:41.6] JC: Yes, he is. Larry sees –

[0:55:42.9] SR: Is he even credited?

[0:55:44.2] JC: He is.

[0:55:44.5] SR: He’s credited. Okay.

[0:55:45.6] JC: He’s in it Larry Scott, who yes., Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds and all of its sequels. He was also in Iron Eagle and Space Camp.

[0:55:56.1] SR: I forgot about that.

[0:55:56.8] JC: Lots other movies, but are some really fun ones from the 80s.

[0:55:59.5] SR: Yeah. I mean, as so iconic is Lamar, Revenge of the Nerds. I mean, such a memorable character, that they probably maybe couldn’t get away with today.

[0:56:06.5] JC: Yes. The limp-wristed throw, the javelin throw. I noticed when they visited the Cobra Kai dojo, it’s all black belts.

[0:56:14.6] SR: Everyone’s a black belt.

[0:56:15.5] JC: There is no one below that. You look at that and just think, “Yeah, wow. This is quite – ” I mean, it’s probably an all-black belt session, but still.

[0:56:24.1] SR: Do they have that?

[0:56:25.5] JC: Yeah, there are some. Yes.

[0:56:26.6] SR: Okay. This class is all black belts.

[0:56:28.3] JC: Yeah, and that’s obviously what’s most Cobra Kais are that.

[0:56:30.9] SR: Well, that’s pretty heavy-duty, a class with all black belts.

[0:56:33.3] JC: Yeah. Okay.

[0:56:34.0] SR: Okay, so then look where we’re at this moment in time then. We just had Halloween.

[0:56:38.2] JC: That’s right.

[0:56:39.3] SR: The tournament is when? In December?

[0:56:40.9] JC: It’s December 19th, we’re leading up to that.

[0:56:42.8] SR: Okay. We got two months to defeat the Cobra Kai.

[0:56:46.0] JC: Yeah. It’s November. You’re right, we got a month and a half to really get ready and get rolling.

[0:56:50.2] SR: I got a month and a half to defeat a black belt. Or some black – more than one black belt.

[0:56:54.4] JC: Try to become a black belt.

[0:56:55.9] SR: Become a black belt and defeat black belts.

[0:56:57.1] JC: Not just Johnny. He’s the last man standing. You’ve got to get through the other ones to get to him.

[0:57:02.6] SR: Now there are these things called prodigies. Speaking of martial arts, a famous martial artist by the name of BJ Penn, nicknamed The Prodigy. When he took Brazilian jiu-jitsu, this guy picked it up so fast and record-breaking time became a black belt, started beating black belts in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. 

It’s not entirely unheard of that somebody come along and just start to kick butt right away. It’s so rare, but it can happen. In other words, it’s not so far-fetched that in two months a person can beat up – Remember, also there are rules. It’s not a street fight. There are just certain rules.

[0:57:37.0] JC: That’s true. They were street fighting when they were taking him down with the sweeping the legs. Daniel’s done. There is technical –

[0:57:43.5] SR: Sure. You have officials, you have a referee, private doctor on the side. When it comes to tournaments, it’s very protected.

[0:57:50.2] JC: I fought in some tournaments.

[0:57:51.4] SR: Yeah. Okay, so there are – not fighting –

[0:57:53.7] JC: Take you of immediately. It’s point, no point. I remember, I won a couple tournaments and it’s more adrenaline. You don’t even feel anything. Head shots were illegal. We’ll get into that later. At least when I was fighting. 

You could always fight up, that’s one thing I remember. I was a yellow belt at the time. We were a pretty good group of Taekwondo. We were called the Wild Bunch. You could always fight up. Meaning, I could be a yellow and I could challenge a blue, who are two belts up. I would beat some of those blues.

[0:58:22.5] SR: That sounds good. They couldn’t fight down. You can’t go back down.

[0:58:24.5] JC: No. That would be like sandbag. Excuse me, white belt, but this black belt – he’s going to –

[0:58:31.2] SR: Challenge you.

[0:58:33.3] JC: All right.

[0:58:34.4] SR: They’re there on the dojo, they look to the poster, they agree to fight in the All-Valley tournament coming up on December 19.

[0:58:43.4] JC: All-Valley Karate Championship, December 19th. I would love to have one of these recreated posters. Amazing. Here we are. It’s right before the holidays and Daniel, like you said, he has a month and a half to become a black belt. What do we do? 

Well, next we learn for the first time that Mr. Miyagi does not live at the apartment complex. He drives Daniel to his house, which is really nice and he’s got land, four classic cars out front and a little boat. Who knew? This is where he’s going to train Daniel.

[0:59:19.9] SR: Well, his backyard is totally decked out. Totally cool. A little bridge going over pond. He’s got some koi in the pond.

[0:59:26.3] JC: He’s got a pool and a pond. No, I’m just kidding.

[0:59:28.7] SR: No, no. He has the pond, right?

[0:59:29.8] JC: That’s Caddyshack.

[0:59:30.6] SR: Okay, so he has the pond there with koi, he has a little bridge. He’s got a whole Zen garden there that looks totally cool. It also looks like he’s putting it together as we speak. This could have been something on, he’s wanted to have on his bucket list is a nice home with a nice backyard, a manicured back lawn, bonsai trees, pond. It looks really beautiful.

[0:59:51.4] JC: A little helper.

[0:59:53.4] SR: An assistant. Even when Daniel first arrives there, the first thing he says, “Oh, this is beautiful.” That’s the first thing out of his mouth when he walks in there.

[1:00:01.9] JC: I read that they actually tore that house down in the 80s.

[1:00:05.5] SR: Don’t make me cry.

[1:00:06.3] JC: I know.

[1:00:07.3] SR: Well, like I said, I am pleasantly surprised about the Seven Seas apartment, because so much is going down, so the fact that that went down is not surprising.

[1:00:15.0] JC: Cobra Kai does have a recreation. There is a new Miyagi house that – so it does live on. That particular one, I read was down. We go there, first lesson, iconic, wash and wax the cars. Wax on, wax off.

[1:00:33.3] SR: We don’t know as the viewer. If you’ve never seen the movie, you don’t know that this is part of the methodology.

[1:00:39.2] JC: You think it’s this madman has taken advantage of Dan – not a madman, but you think it’s this guy who’s going to just have a helper all of a sudden. Maybe if he helps enough, he’ll give him some lessons.

[1:00:51.8] SR: Yeah, exactly.

[1:00:52.3] JC: That’s what you think is coming.

[1:00:53.0] SR: If you do a good job on my cars, then we’ll start your first lesson.

[1:00:56.0] JC: Yeah, because he’s not a bad guy. He’s already saved him from getting beaten up. He brought him back to life. Yeah, you don’t know the plan. My question to you is how are there four classic cars outside? Why are they exposed to the elements of the valley? Because these are beautiful cars.

[1:01:11.7] SR: Yeah. Without covers and especially, the main yellow car which is a 1948 Ford Super Deluxe and we’ll get into that a second, the difference between this car and the car that looks like it from Greece and the car that looks like it from back to the future, but none of the cars have roofs. I don’t know –

[1:01:28.7] JC: Oh, some have roofs.

[1:01:29.8] SR: Okay. I’m sorry about that.

[1:01:31.0] JC: Well, that one does not.

[1:01:32.2] SR: All the 1948 Deluxes do not have roofs.

[1:01:35.4] JC: Beautiful car.

[1:01:36.2] SR: They’re a fantastic car. Yeah, you leave it sitting out, it’s collecting dust, it’s getting rained on. No, those cars would not be in that shape. I’m assuming off camera, again you can’t tie up every loose end like you say. Off camera, the cars were covered at night and maybe he just uncovered him when he knew Daniel was coming.

[1:01:51.6] JC: Let’s help, because it breaks my heart to see them sitting there and knowing how hot it would get out there. It would be too much. They’re not in bad shape. They don’t have sun damage. They’re a little dirty and that’s about it. Now I did read that Ralph Macchio did receive this car as a gift.

[1:02:08.8] SR: Was it the director who gave him the car?

[1:02:10.2] JC: John Avildsen. Whoever talked about much and I guess we could have a quick –

[1:02:13.6] SR: No, I would like to definitely talk about the director.

[1:02:15.5] JC: We should have talked about him earlier. John Avildsen directed Rocky, amazing, came back to Rocky 5, did other –

[1:02:22.9] SR: Well, he turned down Rocky 2 –

[1:02:24.1] JC: Turned down Rocky 2.

[1:02:24.8] SR: Did not turn down Karate Kid 2 and Karate Kid 3, right?

[1:02:28.3] JC: He should have turned down 3.

[1:02:30.1] SR: Okay, so he directed three Karate Kid movie starting with Karate Kid, then Karate Kid 2, then Karate Kid 3. That’s pretty interesting. Actually, you don’t hear a lot of franchises having the same director coming back at all really. I mean, look how many Iron Man movies. Did we have a director come back? Look at Spider Man movies, did we have a director come back? They’re always switching –

[1:02:48.4] JC: Iron Man was Jon Favreau, the first two.

[1:02:50.5] SR: Okay, he did the first two.

[1:02:51.7] JC: George Lucas only did the first Star Wars and came back into those weird ones in the middle. Those were awful.

[1:02:56.3] SR: Okay. You just never heard of the same director back-to-back-to-back.

[1:02:58.6] JC: Yeah, it’s weird. He also did the movie neighbors, which is a interesting dark comedy, which I love, but it was a horrendous shoot. I’ve always admired John Avildsen and he unfortunately does two years ago, we lost him. He passed away.

[1:03:12.2] SR: Well, talk about iconic rest in peace, talk about iconography. He directs Rocky, turns down Rocky 2, but does not turn down Karate Kid 2.

[1:03:23.0] JC: Maybe he learned his lesson.

[1:03:24.4] SR: Maybe. He did learn his lesson. Also, another bit of trivia, our director here, John Avildsen, was also the original director of Saturday Night Fever from 1977, but he pulled out and then he was replaced –

[1:03:37.3] JC: That’s what she said.

[1:03:39.1] SR: Then he was replaced by John Badham, who we may remember from a other –well, I don’t want to get into John Badham. The point is that the director of Karate Kid was the original director of Saturday Night Fever.

[1:03:49.6] JC: It’s a good point. He did Rocky.

[1:03:51.5] SR: When they do the montage in Karate Kid, you have to think of Rocky montage. Apparently, the director is known for montage. That’s one of his devices.

[1:04:03.4] JC: The Karate Kid has a lot of that Rocky spirit. You could see why it was in his hands and rightfully so. It was beautiful. Now the sequels, whatever. I don’t care. I mean, he came back and did Rocky 5, which was amiss at the box office and I didn’t like it compared to 3 and 4. He got it right those times.

[1:04:21.1] SR: The song You’re the Best.

[1:04:22.6] JC: We’re going to get into that now?

[1:04:23.6] SR: We’re going to get into that now?

[1:04:24.7] JC: Let’s wait.

[1:04:25.2] SR: Are we?

[1:04:25.8] JC: Let’s wait, because I have a whole thing on that.

[1:04:27.2] SR: Okay, got it.

[1:04:28.0] JC: Let’s hold of, because we’ve –

[1:04:29.0] SR: There’s a tie-in with Rocky, though.

[1:04:30.3] JC: We probably have a lot of things – we’ll wait for the song to come on. Daniel is doing his first lesson. Not real thrilled about it, but before he does the first lesson, Mr. Miyagi makes him take the oath. I am your teacher, you have to agree with everything. No arguing. He’s got him. Boom, he does first lesson. Next thing we know –

[1:04:50.7] SR: He doesn’t want to wax cars, but he agreed to do whatever Mr. Miyagi said.

[1:04:56.0] JC: So far, Mr. Miyagi’s not led him astray. Although, he’s got him in a tournament that he can’t handle. He has had his back every step of the way. He’s going to follow along for now. We’re off on a date with Ali and Daniel and his mother. This scene, this is like –

[1:05:11.8] SR: This is where they pick up Ali from her house.

[1:05:13.2] JC: Exactly.

[1:05:13.9] SR: Then the parents see the boy from Reseda.

[1:05:17.4] JC: This scene is almost as hard to watch. It’s like that same from Swingers when he keeps calling Nikki on the answering machine. This is the scene that you never want to be the poor guy, but yet you got to – I’ve gone out with a much richer girl, but then they see your mom and your car and what are they got to do to get the car started?

[1:05:35.8] SR: They got to push start the car in Encino.

[1:05:37.9] JC: They got to pop the clutch and they let Ali do it and her parents are just like, “Man, they’re just leaving the club.” They got their tennis outfit on and it’s like, big eyeroll sigh. You could when Daniel gets out of the car, he’s just beside himself.

[1:05:54.1] SR: Well, you would imagine that parents are just thinking, “This is a phase.”

[1:05:58.5] JC: So what? Ali will go slumming tonight. Yes, exactly. That’s all it is. It’s that one off date.

[1:06:05.9] SR: I understand, because I personally I’ve always dated up. Believe me, I know.

[1:06:10.0] JC: Good job. Good job. Daniel meets the parents and much like Seven Seas, I’ve driven by the house, still stands in Encino Hills, still is beautiful and it’s right there. I mean, I’ve stopped twice and taken a couple photos of it.

[1:06:26.7] SR: I wonder if that happens to them all the time, like the Brady Bunch house. The Brady Bunch house is over here in Studio City.

[1:06:31.4] JC: Yup. Well, they sold that recently, right?

[1:06:32.5] SR: They did sell it recently, I think. Or we’re going to make a reality show about it. You have these iconic house –

[1:06:36.7] JC: Well, that’s more iconic, because that’s the Brady Bunch house.

[1:06:39.7] SR: Well, if you’re a fan of the movie Karate Kid.

[1:06:42.6] JC: I mean, as much as I liked it, it’s not like we ever went in Ali’s house.

[1:06:46.4] SR: No, no, no.

[1:06:47.4] JC: It’s really that scene. That scene is what you’re remembering. Oh, right here and they pulled away. It’s cool. Brady Bunch is a whole – I mean, how many scenes went on and I’m assuming they shot on. Maybe they Brady Bunch.

[1:07:00.7] SR: No, but the Brady Bunch was only used – the house was only –

[1:07:02.9] JC: Exterior.

[1:07:03.7] SR: Exterior.

[1:07:04.1] JC: Yeah, okay. That makes sense. Still, that show is so –

[1:07:06.3] SR: I’m trying to bring up the Seven Seas Apartment and Ali’s house to the level of Amityville house, or Brady Bunch house.

[1:07:13.4] JC: I like that. All right, let’s get it up there. Anyway, I drove by, go check it out, don’t knock on the door, just drive by. It’s’ beautiful –

[1:07:20.4] SR: Is Ali here?

[1:07:22.3] JC: Hey, got pop the clutch? Great times on their date at golfing stuff, which I’ve actually been wanting to visit. It is out in –

[1:07:32.6] SR: Norwalk.

[1:07:33.1] JC: Norwalk. It’s away.

[1:07:33.9] SR: Is it still there?

[1:07:34.6] JC: It’s there.

[1:07:35.0] SR: Waterslide and all?

[1:07:36.6] JC: Great reviews.

[1:07:38.1] SR: Oh, my gosh. I never knew. Because going back to a little bit of San Fernando Valley history, we and the San Fernando Valley had not one, but two waterslides. We had a waterslide on Whitsett and Vanowen. We had a waterslide in Northridge, on Nordhoff near Tampa, between Corbin and Tampa. We had two water slides here, so here in the Karate Kid –

[1:07:56.9] JC: Did they connect?

[1:07:58.0] SR: That would be funny. Here in the Karate Kid, we have a waterslide and it’s still standing today in Norwalk?

[1:08:02.7] JC: Yeah. It gets great reviews.

[1:08:04.5] SR: That’s fantastic.

[1:08:04.9] JC: I was going to go on a date there recently at the Putt Putt just to try it out.

[1:08:07.8] SR: That’s fantastic. I would totally go, because you know why? Maybe I don’t want to spend all the money for Hurricane Harbor or Soak City. I want to pay $10, $15 instead.

[1:08:17.0] JC: We should have a podcast outing.

[1:08:18.2] SR: That would be fun. I want a waterslide today, totally.

[1:08:21.0] JC: Well, I won’t got to the waterslide, that’s when I go on the arcade. I’m an arcade junkie. Get me Miss Pac-Man.

[1:08:25.2] SR: All right. Do they have pinball machines there?

[1:08:27.9] JC: They probably don’t have the classic games.

[1:08:30.7] SR: You know, they opened up a pinball place over here in Lankershim.

[1:08:33.3] JC: I believe it.

[1:08:33.4] SR: Yeah. Right over here in Lankershim.

[1:08:34.4] JC: Arcades are thriving.

[1:08:35.9] SR: $10 for one hour unlimited play of pinball machines.

[1:08:39.2] JC: Well, there is a barcade downtown named 82 Goodyear. They have classic games and pinball. I’d take my quarters.

[1:08:50.1] SR: Oh, quarters. I like it.

[1:08:51.7] JC: Quarter play.

[1:08:51.7] SR: Pay by the hour.

[1:08:53.1] JC: The beers are great and I’ve taken my soccer team there before and we – I had the record for Pac-Man that night. It was over a 100,000. Miss Pac-Man. It’s a sped-up version.

[1:09:02.4] SR: Well, Miss Pac-Man is faster than Pac-Man.

[1:09:04.1] JC: Oh, no. This is a new sped-up version. She’s moving triple time. You got to move faster, but I’m at screens I’d never made it to as a 12-year-old. 11-year-old me is looking saying, “Hey, well done, sir.”

[1:09:18.3] SR: Since we’re bragging, I can flip Galaga. I’ll have him up.

[1:09:20.8] JC: That’s pretty impressive. Okay, so great time at the arcade.

[1:09:26.2] SR: Yeah, they’re having a nice date.

[1:09:27.6] JC: Great date. Then the end of the date, Cobra Kai comes rolling up. Although, they’re cool. They say, “Hey, Ali. You can bring your friend with you.” Then Miss LaRusso rolls up in the frame and they’re like, “Like your car Mrs. LaRusso.” Daniel is just not happy. Now he’s got this horrible mood going and that’s how the date ends.

[1:09:49.1] SR: Okay. Well, that moment where they roll up and then they say to Ali, “You can bring your friend,” that was a weird moment. I’m thinking, “What are they doing here?”

[1:09:56.4] JC: They were following their sensei’s orders.

[1:09:58.1] SR: Yes. I mean, you don’t think they were going to –

[1:09:59.3] JC: No. I don’t think. They just wanted to hang out with Ali and they were just going to go along with it. Also, could have changed history.

[1:10:06.3] SR: He could have been a member of Cobra Kai.

[1:10:08.1] JC: Yeah, yeah. I’ve been waiting for that. I want to change history. History revisited.

[1:10:13.2] SR: You made me see these fine lines between Daniel becoming a Cobra Kai. I never thought of that before. Yeah, when he goes to the dojo the first time, this time he could have jumped in the car with Ali, everybody could have squashed –

[1:10:24.6] JC: “Hey, Daniel’s cool.” Could’ve happened.

[1:10:27.6] SR: At this point, they could see, “Wow, Daniel might actually be a good Cobra Kai.”

[1:10:31.5] JC: Exactly. Yeah, why not?

[1:10:33.5] SR: This guy is willing to stand up for himself, he’s willing to fight.

[1:10:35.7] JC: There’s nothing like – I’m playing competitive soccer at leagues. When I see a great player we go against, I admire that. If that player ever wants to be part of our team, I am the first to bring a great player in the fold. 

Because a great player will find his way onto your team and he’ll fit in, because that’s what great players do. They’re loyal, but usually you want to go – you want them in your foxhole. Yeah, Daniel and Johnny would probably get along very well in the Cobra Kai reality, but we wouldn’t have a movie. We would have a million spin-offs, or sequels and whatnot.

[1:11:11.5] SR: In fact, I’m thinking Daniel getting into Cobra Kai, what they call it, usurp, unsurp Johnny.

[1:11:19.5] JC: Johnny.

[1:11:20.0] SR: Wow.

[1:11:20.7] JC: They both could just talk about Ali.

[1:11:23.2] SR: Well, we can get into another –

[1:11:25.2] JC: Cut to Daniel’s back at Mr. Miyagi’s house. Second day of training. Today, sanding lessons. Right the circle, left the circle the whole porch. His deck is massive. Beautiful. Different layers and well-constructed. Daniel didn’t really fight this second time. He’s not that upset.

[1:11:50.3] SR: Well, he starts joking when he gets the sanders. He starts at Heidi Krishna. He starts being a jokester. That’s when Mr. Miyagi says, “Danielson, always much humor.”

[1:11:59.5] JC: That’s right.

[1:12:00.7] SR: That’s when he teaches him right sand – what’s the sand? Because we have wax on, wax off. What’s the sand?

[1:12:04.5] JC: It’s right the circle, left the circle.

[1:12:06.9] SR: Okay, there we go.

[1:12:07.7] JC: Right the circle, left the circle.

[1:12:09.6] SR: Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe –

[1:12:12.9] JC: I love how Mr. Miyagi just keeps saying it as he just fades out. He always lets Daniel just work on his own, which is great.

[1:12:17.7] SR: When Mr. Miyagi retires to his place and Daniel’s out there working, I always wonder what he’s doing in there. Was he watching TV? What’s he doing?

[1:12:24.8] JC: No. I don’t think he has a TV. Sometimes he was meditating. Sometimes he goes fishing, which we’ll get to. Sometimes he gets drunk.

[1:12:35.4] SR: Not a bad life.

[1:12:36.6] JC: No. He’s got a guy there working, learning karate. Okay, next day Daniel does the impossible. What does he do?

[1:12:45.8] SR: You lost me.

[1:12:47.1] JC: He snags a fly with the chopsticks.

[1:12:49.2] SR: Oh, yes, yes.

[1:12:51.5] JC: As soon as he walks in, Mr. Miyagi’s back at it and you knew it was going to happen.

[1:12:57.0] SR: Wait, hang on. Let’s back up one second. Because there’s a moment in time after he finishes with the with the deck and it’s nightfall and Mr. Miyagi I think comes out, picking his teeth like he just had a nice meal, right?

[1:13:09.3] JC: Correct.

[1:13:10.3] SR: Daniel is like, “Oh, my shoulder,” right? He’s complaining. Then Mr. Miyagi says, “Come back tomorrow at 6:00 a.m.” That’s when Daniel goes, “What the hell am I doing?” You could tell he’s thinking. “What are we doing? What am I doing here?” Then he shows up at 6:00 a.m. pretty much bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I was surprised. After the night before, he seemed downright pissed. That’s when he shows up then at 6:00 a.m. and Mr. Miyagi is then at that moment trying to catch the fly with the chopstick, yes?

[1:13:37.3] JC: Yes. This is the third day. The point of him catching the fly was that he can do the impossible, he can do anything now, I guess that’s what he said.

[1:13:44.8] SR: The first time we see Mr. Miyagi try to catch a fly and Daniel questions him. Mr. Miyagi says, “He who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything.” Talk about a foreshadow. This is starting to make more sense to me now. Then when Daniel does it –

[1:14:01.7] JC: Beginner’s luck.

[1:14:02.4] SR: Yeah, but we as the viewers should know, he who catches fly with chopstick accomplish anything. We should then know, okay, he’s going to victory.

[1:14:10.8] JC: I figured he’s at least going to represent himself well in the tournament, but I don’t know about beating all of them. You’re right. Or get the girl, right? Because he’s already got the girl, just don’t screw it up. This lesson this day is paint the fence. Both sides, big board right hand, small board left hand, up, down. Got to hold that pose.

[1:14:33.9] SR: Wrist.

[1:14:35.1] JC: It’s a lot. Then of course, Mr. Miyagi retires and all three days of training have gone into the evening. Daniel is tired, he’s sore, but he’s got good spirits. He comes in the fourth day of training now, cutting to the fourth day in a row. This begs the question, this is not Christmas break. Four days in a row would mean somebody’s missing some school. Where is the truant officer all of a sudden? I mean, he is literally just going in and skipping school.

[1:15:08.1] SR: Okay, hang on. Maybe this happened over Thanksgiving break.

[1:15:11.2] JC: Oh, you know what? I guess, Thanksgiving. It could be the tournament is the 19th.

[1:15:14.8] SR: I’ve been trying to make sense of it.

[1:15:16.2] JC: All right. Yeah, I’ll give you that. I’ll give you that.

[1:15:17.1] SR: Because you may have a four-day weekend now.

[1:15:18.4] JC: I’ll give you that.

[1:15:19.7] SR: Okay, so oversee –

[1:15:19.7] JC: Because that would’ve started really good morning. Okay, you’re right. Good thought.

[1:15:22.3] SR: Over Thanksgiving weekend.

[1:15:23.7] JC: That’s a good point.

[1:15:24.9] SR: That’s when you have four days spare.

[1:15:26.8] JC: Oh, Miyagi is a good scheduler. He’s got the paint ready. He knew.

[1:15:32.2] SR: In fact, we could maybe deduce that Miyagi was looking for a Danielson prior to meeting Danielson.

[1:15:39.4] JC: Or how many Danielsons has he had?

[1:15:43.2] SR: It’s the fourth Danielson.

[1:15:43.7] JC: How many run-ins has he had with the Cobra Kais over the years?

[1:15:48.6] SR: Kreese is like, “Miyagi, you again. Another one of your kids.”

[1:15:51.9] JC: Freddy was his first.

[1:15:53.3] SR: Yeah, exactly. Freddy was the original Karate Kid. That’s hilarious.

[1:15:56.9] JC: All right, so we go to this day, Daniel shows up, Miyagi’s gone. There’s a note on the house. This is when he loses it. Now it’s like “Gone fishing.” I don’t know, did he say fishing?

[1:16:09.8] SR: I think it says, “Gone fishing. Paint house.”

[1:16:10.8] JC: Gone fishing. Paint house. Tells him how to do it. Side-to-side strokes.

[1:16:14.0] SR: Yeah, side-to-side.

[1:16:14.8] JC: It’s green paint.

[1:16:15.7] SR: Has little arrows.

[1:16:16.5] JC: Little arrows. I believe Daniel crumples it up, throws it and he’s mad.

[1:16:21.6] SR: Then he does it.

[1:16:22.3] JC: He does it, because he made an oath, a vow, he vowed himself to follow Mr. Miyagi’s rules. Again, it’s late in the evening. He’s nearly done. There’s a little patch he’s finishing and Miyagi shows up and lets him know he was fishing and Daniel just blows up.

[1:16:44.2] SR: Before that though, Mr. Miyagi says something like, “You missed a spot.”

[1:16:46.6] JC: That’s right. Yeah. Yeah. Totally. He’s not done. He confronts him. He lets him have it. Mr. Miyagi listens and they’re arguing but Daniel’s got a real sore shoulder and Mr. Miyagi wants him to finish. What do we see here?

[1:17:01.7] SR: That’s where he does the famous hand rubbing. I think, let’s see if I could duplicate the sound.

[1:17:07.5] JC: That’s it. Well, I think he does this first though.

[1:17:09.7] SR: He does a clap.

[1:17:10.8] JC: He does that in the tournament for sure.

[1:17:12.2] SR: Okay, he does a clap and then –

[1:17:15.2] JC: His hands get much hotter than ours, because it’s superpowers. He feels better, Daniel and –

[1:17:22.3] SR: Some acupressure, accuheat.

[1:17:25.0] JC: Accuheat. Miyagi heat. Then comes what I like to call the Keyser Soze moment. When Daniel is losing his mind, Miyagi brings him over and has him run through everything and it just speeds into this wonderful exchange that he’s realizing, all this muscle memory. He’s like Jason Bourne. I know how to do all these things all of a sudden. How did I do that?

[1:17:50.1] SR: Show me paint the fence. Show me wax on, wax off.

[1:17:53.7] JC: Couple times are clunky, because he goes to bend down and he’s like – when he got through it, they worked on that. It was a really good exchange. Then you knew as an audience it, crystallized like, oh, my gosh. He’s really picking some things up. This is actually working.

[1:18:10.6] SR: Well, that’s where the how comes in where you go, “Oh, this is why he did all that.”

[1:18:14.4] JC: Well, exactly.

[1:18:15.4] SR: This is why he had a –

[1:18:16.3] JC: It’s a Keyser Sozer from Usual Suspects. It all fell into place. Next day, more training, we’re at the ocean. Again –

[1:18:25.4] SR: This is before the canoe on the lake?

[1:18:27.5] JC: This is that day.

[1:18:28.7] SR: Okay, same thing.

[1:18:29.2] JC: First time, he gets him out there in the waves and Mr. Miyagi is on a craning and then he’s on the edge of the boat, which now were five days in a row, so I guess maybe Thanksgiving break. I’m still questioning school. We’re not seeing his mother in forever.

[1:18:43.5] SR: She’s doing overtime at the restaurant.

[1:18:44.7] JC: Totally. Orient-express. He’s doing some water balancing in the ocean, trying to stand up with waves crashing on him. As they leave the ocean for the first time, they run into a couple of Yahoos.

[1:18:58.5] SR: Yeah, they’re called Yahoos. Who the hell – these guys are drinking beer at Miyagi’s car and resting their beer bottles on his car, on his classic car. Who does this?

[1:19:10.3] JC: Obviously, it’s a very racially charged scene. They’re making fun of him. Well, one of those guys, Yahoo number one was Larry Drake. Now Larry Drake was in LA Law. He played Darkman okay and he played Dr. Giggles. He grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he went to my high school, Edison Senior High. He was the commencement speaker at my graduation. 

This is years before that though. I’m like, “Who is this guy?” That’s who he went on to be. He actually, he’s passed away as well, which is another rest in peace. He played a real jerk in this role.

[1:19:44.0] SR: Yeah, I didn’t recognize him at that moment. Because I know who that – I know who you’re talking about.

[1:19:48.6] JC: When you see it again, when you watch him again you’d see.

[1:19:50.7] SR: Was he on the left, or the right?

[1:19:52.3] JC: He’s Yahoo number one. He had the most lines.

[1:19:55.5] SR: Okay, so guy in the right. In fact, the guy on the left, I don’t even know if he had any lines.

[1:19:59.4] JC: It could have been just one Yahoo, but it would have been weird to have one guy. He had a dog. A guy and a dog drinking beer. Miyagi comes over and does an impossible bottle trick, I think. What does he do?

[1:20:12.9] SR: He karate – it’s not a karate chop, but a karate slice, because he goes horizontal. He does a palm up horizontal slice across four bottles that end up staying on the car and then he slices through these bottles.

[1:20:26.5] JC: Knocks the tops off.

[1:20:27.8] SR: Knocks the top off, but –

[1:20:28.4] JC: Not the top, but the top glass.

[1:20:31.3] SR: The skinny part of the bottle, he knocks off, leaves the broad part of the bottle sitting there.

[1:20:36.8] JC: Sal, I think this is impossible. I think it’s impossible even when you had the sharpest sword in the world, it would be impossible.

[1:20:45.3] SR: Okay, I did actually see a guy on YouTube do this. Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe he got the idea from Karate Kid. I did see a guy who made swords. I followed this YouTube video of how he’s making the sword. Then at the end, he does do that with the sword with these bottles. Yeah, can you do it with your hand?

[1:21:00.8] JC: The bottles would have to be held down.

[1:21:03.3] SR: Yes. Secured down.

[1:21:04.2] JC: I’m not even doubting that Miyagi of someone in that elk could do it. I’m saying maybe there’s someone out there, but you got to hold the bottles down. He’s got to hit it so clean.

[1:21:14.2] SR: Well, he’d have to have a razor on the side of his hand.

[1:21:15.9] JC: Even then, they’re not secured. It was impressive, sure. It would have been equally impressive if he just sliced them all and they broke and blew up.

[1:21:24.8] SR: Now, okay wait a second though. If you’re going to say that’s impossible, why isn’t Pat Morita, Pat Noriyuki Morita was 52-years-old when he took this role on. Do you think it’s impossible for a 52-year-old guy to beat up six teenage martial artists?

[1:21:41.6] JC: No.

[1:21:42.1] SR: Not impossible.

[1:21:42.8] JC: Not impossible.

[1:21:43.5] SR: Okay. Yet, the bottle you’d considered to be impossible.

[1:21:46.0] JC: Yes.

[1:21:46.8] SR: Okay. All right.

[1:21:47.1] JC: Physics. Yeah, I don’t believe it.

[1:21:49.2] SR: Got it. Okay, so that –

[1:21:50.4] JC: As a kid, I didn’t mind –

[1:21:51.8] SR: How about this, throw the bottle up, slice it midair?

[1:21:55.1] JC: Would love that.

[1:21:56.2] SR: That could have been possible.

[1:21:57.8] JC: Totally.

[1:21:58.1] SR: Yeah, okay.

[1:21:59.5] JC: Yeah. It was just the fact that they stayed there, because I almost – I watched again today and you see them being held somehow. Anyway, he scares the Yahoos, impresses Daniel and impresses himself.

[1:22:11.7] SR: Sure. Yeah, because Daniel says something like, “How did you know that you can do that, or have you ever done that before?”

[1:22:16.8] JC: First time.

[1:22:17.6] SR: Yeah. Okay, so he’d never done that.

[1:22:20.4] JC: Cut to more training at the ocean, this time balancing on the boat, until Miyagi dumps him in the water. Oh, yeah. This is the first time he’s on the boat, on the edge of the boat. Next, we’re off to the Encino Oaks Country Club. Daniel is going to go meet with Ali. Odd for him to meet ally at the Country Club. Could have just met her anywhere, but the Country Club. He’s going to go there.

Johnny sees him in the kitchen, because for some reason – Oh, she was going to meet Daniel out front. He got tired of waiting, she got held up, so he went inside through the kitchen, Daniel. He was peeking through the restaurant window.

[1:22:58.9] SR: I was curious why he went through the kitchen. He was an invited guest then, I take it, was he?

[1:23:03.5] JC: No. He was going to meet her out front.

[1:23:05.1] SR: Okay. He wasn’t an invited guest.

[1:23:06.4] JC: He just popped in.

[1:23:06.8] SR: Black tie, right?

[1:23:07.8] JC: Yeah, so he had none of the attire. Johnny, of course Cobra Kai instincts, spots him looking in and lays one on Ali to make it look like –

[1:23:18.6] SR: Like they’re making out.

[1:23:19.2] JC: We’re making out like old school. The old days.

[1:23:22.1] SR: Daniel looks through these swing doors of the kitchen, through the window, sees Johnny totally making out with Ali.

[1:23:30.4] JC: Are kissing once.

[1:23:32.4] SR: Well, from his perspective, it looks like they’re making out. Then he runs off before she pushes – has a chance to push Johnny away.

[1:23:40.4] JC: When he runs off, what’s he do?

[1:23:41.8] SR: Oh, he runs into a waiter and knocks over this whole giant plate of spaghetti or something. That was pretty fun.

[1:23:48.4] JC: Exactly. He’s mortified.

[1:23:51.0] SR: Yeah, yeah. Oh, because everybody – the whole place stops and sees –

[1:23:53.6] JC: It’s one of those classic 80s movie scenes where the whole – all the rich country club – it was very Caddyshack these snobberies, saw him wipeout and laughed at him. Ali was mad –

[1:24:07.0] SR: There is Reseda boy again.

[1:24:08.8] JC: There he is. “Ali, you’re not still seeing that boy, are you?” Daniel is embarrassed, runs off and takes refuge at Mr. Miyagi’s, who is in full military gear and he’s drunk. He was having a night in, doing his own thing. We learned some things this evening, such as how Mr. Miyagi lost his wife and newborn child and it was in childbirth.

[1:24:35.8] SR: Yes. His wife died during child birth.

[1:24:38.2] JC: His son was born. It was a newborn son.

[1:24:39.6] SR: His son was born. Then what happened to the son?

[1:24:41.8] JC: They both died. It was I guess, newborn and then there was a problem and they lost them both.

[1:24:46.9] SR: They both died at birth. Her birthing, the baby died too. How does that happen? You talk about the bottles –

[1:24:54.0] JC: Yeah. I thought it was unborn and then hearing it today, they said newborn. Mr. Miyagi doesn’t tell Daniel. Daniel reads this in the paper, which the paper probably would be in Japanese, but it was in English for Daniel’s sake.

[1:25:09.8] SR: Well, from a lot of the trivia I’ve been looking up, Mr. Miyagi was in the Japanese division of the US Army.

[1:25:17.0] JC: Oh, okay. Hey, I stand corrected. He reads that. We can see it had this permanent hole in Mr. Miyagi, which has never – as far as we know, married anyone else, never had children. This bond between him and Daniel is special to him as it is to Daniel. A touching scene. It’s nice to see that Mr. Miyagi’s vulnerable.

[1:25:40.3] SR: He is a regular man.

[1:25:41.7] JC: A regular man.

[1:25:42.3] SR: A regular man who happens to be a karate master. Also, though you bring up –

[1:25:45.9] JC: Who happens to be a maintenance man and a collector of cars.

[1:25:49.9] SR: We hear no mention ever of Daniel’s father, right? There is no Daniel’s father?

[1:25:55.0] JC: We would have to go back to those New Jersey scenes and see if something is said.

[1:25:58.7] SR: They’re just taking off in the car.

[1:26:01.0] JC: You know what? It’s a question for Ralph Macchio.

[1:26:02.4] SR: Yeah. I don’t think there’s any reference to a father. Either there’s never been a father, or they’re divorced or whatever.

[1:26:08.4] JC: There was a father at some point.

[1:26:09.4] SR: At some point.

[1:26:10.8] JC: We don’t know. He’s carrying that around too. That’s a lot of baggage.

[1:26:16.1] SR: Okay, yeah. There is that bonding and it’s very tender and sweet. Daniel puts Mr. Miyagi on his bed, puts a blanket over him. That’s when he sees the medals, that’s when he reads about, that’s when it starts to make sense. He starts to know more about Mr. Miyagi, because we don’t know much about Mr. Miyagi prior to this. That’s where we realized since World War II, he’s literally grieving a deceased wife and child, which is how much more heartbreaking can you get?

[1:26:40.5] JC: He built this incredible place just for himself? He’s pretty lonely. I could see why he spends time at the complex. He’s carving pumpkins. What we don’t know is Mr. Miyagi probably has a bond with other families inside that complex.

[1:26:54.0] SR: Interesting.

[1:26:55.0] JC: He probably been there forever. Seven Seas.

[1:26:57.4] SR: He probably has helped Freddy with his bicycle.

[1:26:59.7] JC: Yeah, totally. That old lady, the dog, he’s probably that guy and that’s his family, but Daniel needed more help than most. They owe this bond to Cobra Kai.

[1:27:11.1] SR: Were it not for Cobra Kai.

[1:27:12.2] JC: Cobra Kai has a lot to do with this happening.

[1:27:14.7] SR: In other words, maybe Cobra Kai is not so bad.

[1:27:18.2] JC: Yeah. Back to training. Daniel, this time is alone. He’s taken the initiative and he’s working on the crane kick, he’s in the boat by himself. I mean, maybe Mr. Miyagi’s around, but Daniel has stepped up his game, because it’s all starting to happen. I was even watching this thinking, He hasn’t sparred with anybody yet. It’s a lot of karate.

[1:27:40.9] SR: Nor has he worked in any defense.

[1:27:42.5] JC: Exactly.

[1:27:44.8] SR: Well, no, no, no, no. You could say that the wax on, wax off –

[1:27:46.8] JC: It’s defensive.

[1:27:47.7] SR: Is defensive. Yeah.

[1:27:48.8] JC: In the next scene, Mr. Miyagi’s teaching him the one-inch punch. He’s got the baseball thing now –

[1:27:55.2] SR: That’s when there’s field next to the lake.

[1:27:56.8] JC: Exactly, which I think it’s a Bruce Lee thing, if I’m not mistaken.

[1:27:59.3] SR: Well the one-inch punch I think was Bruce Lee.

[1:28:02.6] JC: Which who was amazing. There’s a little bit of finally, he’s punching something, not just air, because Mr. Miyagi’s wearing the catcher’s protective gear and he’s hitting him. He’s got the mask on. That was nice to see. It was a beautiful shot. You got the car, you got the sunset, you have the lake and the field.

[1:28:21.1] SR: Yeah, it’s a nice shot. Then Daniel starts being silly and starts dancing and shifting his feet around like he’s a boxer in the ring.

[1:28:26.3] JC: Yeah, like he’s Muhammad Ali or something, or Sugar Ray Leonard.

[1:28:28.7] SR: Yeah, he starts being silly. Then doesn’t Mr. Miyagi take him down?

[1:28:31.8] JC: Takes him down.

[1:28:32.6] SR: He takes him down and telling him to knock it off.

[1:28:34.8] JC: Knock it off. Danielson. Cut to it’s Daniel’s birthday. Mr. Miyagi can do any and everything, so he makes a great cake. He’s got two presents.

[1:28:48.6] SR: Yeah. The second present – I mean, watching they’re both really cool, but especially the second present of course.

[1:28:54.0] JC: Yeah. The first present is an amazing gi. It’s not homemade. It was handed down. It was Mr. Miyagi’s gi. He gets a beautiful gi.

[1:29:03.2] SR: Pat Morita actually designed the emblem.

[1:29:05.3] JC: Oh, he did? I didn’t know that.

[1:29:06.5] SR: Yeah, designed the emblem on the gi.

[1:29:08.0] JC: Oh, it’s great. Well done, sir. I was thinking during all this training, schoolwork, avoiding Cobra Kai and plus Ali time, Daniel managed to get his driver’s license.

[1:29:22.1] SR: Yes. That’s where he displays –

[1:29:23.7] JC: He has it. Off camera, of course. I guess he’s been driving Mr. Miyagi around so much, he probably got good at stuff. He has his license, but it clicks in Daniels mind, “Oh, my gosh. My mother’s making me a special cake.” His second birthday cake. “I got to get out of here. I just remembered.” He’s in a hurry to leave and he’s got one cake there and Mr. Miyagi has the second gift.

[1:29:46.7] SR: Yeah. The second gift is where he takes him out, shows him the four cars and says to Daniel, “Choose.”

[1:29:54.3] JC: There’s keys in all of them.

[1:29:55.8] SR: Yeah. He gives Daniel the choice of all the cars. Of course, Daniel chooses the cars any high school kid, probably most guys would choose and that is the cool convertible, which happens to be a 1948 Ford Super Deluxe. I stress the word super, because the car from Grease that they used in the greased lightning scene is a 1948 Deluxe, not Super Deluxe. These are the little things I always look out for.

[1:30:24.3] JC: Why don’t you tell us what we’re looking at here?

[1:30:26.7] SR: Well, what I have in my collection, because I’m a toy collector is I have a Hot Wheels The Karate Kid yellow 1948 Ford Super Deluxe, a replica from the movie. That’s what had me to then discover that this same car was used in Grease and Back to the Future, Biff’s car.

[1:30:45.6] JC: Was it the Super Deluxe?

[1:30:46.9] SR: That was a 1946 Super Deluxe.

[1:30:50.5] JC: ’46.

[1:30:51.4] SR: Yeah. The Biff car from Back to the Future where the manure comes –

[1:30:55.2] JC: Yeah, the manure comes in. Yeah.

[1:30:56.3] SR: That was a 1946 Ford Super Deluxe. The grease lightning car was a 1948 Ford Deluxe. On that note, sticky with 1948 –

[1:31:04.7] JC: Oh, this is the only one of these?

[1:31:06.1] SR: Well, this car the 1948 Ford Super Deluxe from The Karate Kid is more grease lightning than Grease Lightning.

[1:31:15.4] JC: Well done, sir.

[1:31:16.9] SR: That’s pretty fantastic.

[1:31:17.8] JC: This is a great thing, by the way. It’s hot wheels. It’s unopened, of course and –

[1:31:21.1] SR: Of course.

[1:31:21.8] JC: The background is the crane. This is some of the merch that really existed.

[1:31:26.2] SR: Yeah, this is Danielson doing the crane on the wooden pole at the beach.

[1:31:31.6] JC: It’s a beautiful background.

[1:31:32.5] SR: This is a new item. This is from 2014.

[1:31:34.3] JC: Oh, okay.

[1:31:35.1] SR: Yeah, this is not vintage. No, this is from 2014.

[1:31:38.2] JC: You had me.

[1:31:38.7] SR: Hot Wheels came out with all kinds of recent cars. Cristina, like Christine from the movie Christine, Stephen King. I got the grease car. I was going to get the Biff car from Back to the Future, but it doesn’t look like manure. You know what it looks like when they recreated it?

[1:31:51.1] JC: Oh, they put manure on there?

[1:31:52.5] SR: They put manure on the Biff car.

[1:31:54.1] JC: Is Biff in it?

[1:31:55.1] SR: I don’t know why they did that, because it doesn’t even look like manure.

[1:31:57.3] JC: They shouldn’t do that. It will Danielson in there.

[1:32:00.0] SR: No.

[1:32:00.6] JC: That’s weird.

[1:32:01.4] SR: Yeah, it is weird. The Biff car manure.

[1:32:02.6] JC: You might as well stick Ali in there.

[1:32:04.0] SR: That would be cool. Yeah, you can go ahead and get a Hot Wheels by Mattel, The Karate Kid 1948 Ford Super Deluxe car looks just like in the movie and I’m proud to own it.

[1:32:13.4] JC: When that movie came out and he chose that car, I remember thinking, “Yes, that’s a great car.” However when I watch it now, I got my eyes on that black car.

[1:32:23.7] SR: Which one was the black car?

[1:32:24.8] JC: There’s really style on that. Was so easy to look now, I’m looking past what I know.

[1:32:29.5] SR: Oh, because you wouldn’t have chosen this car?

[1:32:31.8] JC: At the time, yes. Now something else.

[1:32:34.6] SR: Really?

[1:32:35.2] JC: I’ve got my eyes on a couple of those other cars. When you watch it again, look at – because you’re looking past those now. There’s a couple style in the cars. Whatever, Mr. Miyagi’s got good taste.

[1:32:44.5] SR: He gives him a car. No one has ever given me a car. My own parents never gave me a car.

[1:32:49.7] JC: Now they didn’t give me some old Honda Accord, gave him a collector’s item.

[1:32:53.3] SR: Yeah. Then what does he do? He hops in the car, drives to golf and stuff.

[1:32:57.3] JC: Wow. He’s supposed to go see his mom about this birthday cake.

[1:33:00.8] SR: Yes. What happened with that?

[1:33:01.7] JC: Maybe it was off-camera.

[1:33:03.6] SR: That’s right. He said, “I got to rush off, because my mother has something.”

[1:33:07.2] JC: I oversaw her making a cake. I hope he went by and saw mom off-camera, because they shot it and then he goes to golf and stuff.

[1:33:17.5] SR: Let’s hope. Otherwise, he dissed his mother.

[1:33:19.5] JC: Well, his mom disappears for a big chunk of the movie. She comes back in the tournament, but she’s gone, so is Seven Seas.

[1:33:26.0] SR: Yeah. Freddy’s out of the movie at the beach, right? We don’t see him again, do we?

[1:33:29.3] JC: No. Wait. No. I think he’s at the tournament.

[1:33:31.8] SR: Freddy’s at the tournament?

[1:33:32.7] JC: He’s at the tournament.

[1:33:34.3] SR: I totally forgot about that.

[1:33:35.6] JC: Yeah. All of a sudden, he wants to get his autograph. No, I will show you. He’s at the tournament. You’re right. He’s off, he’s doing banzai.

[1:33:43.8] SR: Yeah. That’s where he say, “Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!”

[1:33:47.5] JC: He goes to golf and stuff and he really has to win Ali back, because she’s really fed up with Daniel at this point.

[1:33:54.5] SR: Yeah, she’s fed up with his tantrums, him running off all the time, him starting stuff, like at the dance, when he is dressed as the shower, he instigated that night.

[1:34:05.0] JC: He tried to be mad at her for what he didn’t know happened at the Country Club. One of her friends tells him.

[1:34:11.3] SR: One of her friends says, “Hey, you didn’t see the punch.”

[1:34:13.5] JC: Exactly.

[1:34:14.0] SR: That’s right. The friend explained to Daniel that she pushed him away and punched him. Daniel didn’t see that. That’s when he goes over to try to make up with Ali and they do make up pretty quick.

[1:34:23.9] JC: They make up, because they go off in his car. He lets her drive his car.

[1:34:27.2] SR: That I thought was an odd choice.

[1:34:29.9] JC: He really got some points there.

[1:34:32.2] SR: I never let no woman drive my ride.

[1:34:33.9] JC: Not a grease lightning.

[1:34:35.7] SR: Yeah, that was interesting that he had her drive. Hey, she knows how to drive stick. She popped the clutch, remember?

[1:34:40.8] JC: Is that stick?

[1:34:41.9] SR: Yeah.

[1:34:42.7] JC: Oh, that’s cool. Okay, I didn’t know that. Okay so they drive off, and so now it’s here. It is the big day. Daniel is a black belt, but how did he get his black belt?

[1:34:56.8] SR: Well, you talk about how they got to the tournament. They got to the tournament. They get to the tournament, they’re signing in at the registration desk and I guess they have a prerequisite. The guy is like, “What belt is your student?” Then Mr. Miyagi lies, right? Doesn’t he officially lie?

[1:35:09.9] JC: Yeah, not good planning on Mr. Miyagi’s part here, not to have a belt.

[1:35:12.9] SR: They’re sneaking him into the tournament sort of. Then Mr. Miyagi says black belt. Then he leans in, distracts the guy at the desk who’s signing them in. He has Ali – Oh, doesn’t he have Ali grab something. He steals a black belt –

[1:35:29.3] JC: Steals a black belt out of a bag and then hand it to Ali.

[1:35:32.1] SR: That’s what happens. Okay. He grabs Ali’s hand, distracts the guy, hands Ali the belt stolen right out of the guy’s bag, Ali takes the belt, gives it to Daniel. Daniel puts it on a locker room.

[1:35:42.0] JC: I mean, it’s a ninja move for sure.

[1:35:44.1] SR: It’s total ninja. At the same time I’m thinking, “Check out Mr. Miyagi. He’s doing some scam himself.”

[1:35:48.5] JC: Meanwhile, that guy has a fight a little while. He’s probably not fighting. That guy’s pretty badass. That guy is probably just a overseer, but he’s got no belt. That sucks.

[1:35:58.0] SR: No. Mr. Miyagi stole his belt.

[1:35:59.1] JC: Although a guy like that probably has a second belt.

[1:36:01.2] SR: Sure.

[1:36:01.7] JC: That guy probably has.

[1:36:02.0] SR: Well, the belt is just symbolic. He might have 10 at home. The point is when Mr. Miyagi did that, characters in movies or TV, they’ll do something where you start to second-guess who they are. You start to think, “Yeah, he’s not Mr. Saint Innocent for sure.”

[1:36:15.7] JC: You could paint a different picture if you saw him drunk and saw him taking advantage of Daniel and hitting the beer bottles. You may have a different image of Mr. Miyagi. 

[1:36:24.7] SR: You could make a trailer –

[1:36:25.8] JC: Yeah. You really could.

[1:36:26.5] SR: – of the Karate Kid that shows Mr. Miyagi is a bad guy.

[1:36:29.1] JC: Totally. Kreese is a good guy.

[1:36:30.1] SR: Kreese is a guy. Johnny is –

[1:36:31.5] JC: Well, there’s probably not a footage of Kreese being very good. Johnny maybe. We’re at the tournament.

[1:36:37.5] SR: All roads have led to the All-Valley tournament. I’m thinking based on what’s occurred, based on my experience of living in the San Fernando Valley, everything in this tournament happens in Northridge. Northridge is probably a good spot. Tarzana. I’m thinking it somewhere going to be West Valley. I’m not thinking this turn I was going to take place in the East Valley, North Hollywood, Van Nuys.

[1:36:56.8] JC: No. Sherman Oaks.

[1:36:58.3] SR: No. No. This is happening in West Valley.

[1:36:59.6] JC: I think it was also once called Deep Valley. No, I’m just kidding.

[1:37:04.1] SR: Okay. I’m thinking Tarzana, Northridge, maybe Chatsworth.

[1:37:08.6] JC: It’s filmed at a school, so we can look it up.

[1:37:10.8] SR: Oh, it was Northridge. It was at CSUN.

[1:37:13.2] JC: Oh, yeah. CSUN.

[1:37:13.7] SR: Okay. Yeah. Well, they don’t mention it in the movie, but the location was Cal State University Northridge in Northridge. That’s correct.

[1:37:21.3] JC: That was pre-earthquake.

[1:37:23.3] SR: The earthquake was ’94. Yeah, ’94 Northridge earthquake. Yeah. This was pre-earthquake.

[1:37:28.8] JC: Okay. We’re at the tournament. As we’re walking through and Daniel’s put in his belt. Well first of all, the Cobra Kais give him crap backstage, but that’s broken up pretty quickly.

[1:37:40.2] SR: In the locker room, the Cobra Kai comes in to intimidate. I think it’s the referee who comes in to say, “Hey.”

[1:37:45.9] JC: Referee comes in. He says, “Hey, what the heck?” It wasn’t even Johnny. It was really Dutch was leading the effort. He’s also just a really a bad guy. As we’re walking through the tournament, Mr. Miyagi has to pull a fast one again, because they don’t let anyone on the mat. Remember, he pretended he couldn’t speak and Ali was –

[1:38:02.9] SR: Yes, Ali was the interpreter. Yes.

[1:38:04.2] JC: Interpreter, translator. They tricked him and then they get to stay. Ali also knows the rules and she clearly tells Daniel headshots are legal. It’s one point and gives him the breakdown of the body. However, we go on to see a lot of headshots get deductions. There is a little bit of controversy there. If you’re watching the tournament, you’re seeing some not count and which leads to the crane kick as well. Was it legal or not legal?

[1:38:31.8] SR: From what I’ve read, some karate experts have said that a legitimate tournament and Daniel were to do the crane kick, that he would have been disqualified.

[1:38:43.0] JC: Yes. I’ve heard that too.

[1:38:44.7] SR: In other words, what we’re finding out is that the crane kick then would have been as impossible to win by as it is to slice bottles on a car.

[1:38:53.2] JC: I still think slicing bottles is more unbelievable. However, after all that Daniel went through with the DQ’s and the takedowns of his legs, I think allowing him to have that moment and Johnny had come – well, we’re way ahead of ourselves. We’re way ahead. We’re getting there. Cut to –

[1:39:12.8] SR: Cut to the montage of the tournament happening.

[1:39:15.1] JC: Right. Well, right when the montage is happening, I noticed this earlier, Daniel is in his first battle, first fight, which is a little overwhelming. He’s a little rusty. He’s getting pushed out of the ring. He’s pushed out of bounds and they warned him, one more out of bounds –

[1:39:29.7] SR: Yeah. He’s out of his element. Like you said, we never saw him spar anyone.

[1:39:32.6] JC: Never. This is like, he’s got to catch up with this very quickly and get the speed down. He gets a point. He scores a point with a reverse or some hit. We hear Ali say, “You’re the best.” I swear, that’s when they queue up the infamous Joe Esposito song, You’re the Best and we go into this incredible montage. That song immediately becomes iconic, but we have some backstory on this song.

[1:40:02.0] SR: The backstory I believe of the You’re the Best song is that that song was going to be used in Rocky 3, I believe.

[1:40:09.3] JC: It was created for Rocky 3.

[1:40:10.5] SR: It was created for Rocky 3.

[1:40:11.4] JC: It was replaced by?

[1:40:12.4] SR: Replaced by Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger.

[1:40:14.7] JC: Exactly.

[1:40:15.3] SR: Then they decided to then use the song for the Karate Kid.

[1:40:17.8] JC: Well, no, no, no. There’s another one. That was the first. Then they considered it for Flashdance.

[1:40:23.5] SR: Oh, wow. I never knew that.

[1:40:24.9] JC: Then it became Maniac.

[1:40:27.5] SR: Oh, wow. This song has been bumped now twice, until it finally landed in Karate Kid.

[1:40:32.2] JC: Also, the 80s had an embarrassment of riches of hit soundtrack songs. This song is just floating around. Yeah, it’s an incredible song. Could have worked in so many movies.

[1:40:41.9] SR: Sure. Well, look at like Top Gun.

[1:40:44.7] JC: How many Kenny Loggins songs that he – Yeah, that was Kenny Loggins.

[1:40:48.8] SR: Sure. Highway to the danger zone.

[1:40:53.2] JC: Yeah, also the Caddyshack.

[1:40:54.7] SR: Yeah, a lot of good songs coming over.

[1:40:56.1] JC: Over the Top.

[1:40:56.7] SR: In fact, would you say that more good songs came out of 80s movies than 90s movies? I can’t barely remember any songs out of 90s movies.

[1:41:04.1] JC: Yeah, that came from the movie? Yeah, probably 80s. This montage is going on for a while.

[1:41:10.2] SR: Yeah, in a fight tournament, or any tournament you will fight multiple times in a night.

[1:41:15.3] JC: Yeah, exactly. You got four or five fights to get them, because again, a lot of times it’s only 2.2 and 3 points to win. It’s over. I remember being in them and it’s more your own adrenaline is cranking and that fight didn’t last that long. This isn’t a boxing match that’s going 12 grueling rounds and you’re slugging it out.

[1:41:33.3] SR: Yeah, it’s a point system.

[1:41:33.8] JC: It’s not that.

[1:41:34.6] SR: You’re going for points.

[1:41:36.0] JC: You’ve got to stay fresh and you’re young. There’s some good fighting in the sequence. I think you’re seeing real black belts going at it.

[1:41:43.3] SR: Well, one of those guys, definitely tournament semi-finalists, Darryl Vidal.

[1:41:46.7] JC: Oh, he’s great.

[1:41:47.4] SR: Yeah. He really was kicking butt.

[1:41:49.3] JC: Yes. Even Dutch, you could tell – you can separate the men from the boys. I mean, yes, Daniel did great as did Johnny, but those other guys are doing those really big kicks and sweeping moves and they’re losing, because they have to, but they’re dynamic.

[1:42:03.3] SR: Sure. You could tell that they actually had some real legit martial arts experience.

[1:42:06.6] JC: Yeah, it was a really well done tournament. I like the whole look and feel of it. I’d never seen a cry tournament that point in time in my life. The board in the background, I’d never been to one that had a board like that. That was nice to see. It also had golf board. You kept moving up and seeing LaRusso move up to take the Cobra Kais, and the way Kreese was increasingly mad, as you saw Cobra Kai after Cobra Kai, not necessarily lose to Daniel, but just getting bested elsewhere. Or sometimes it’s Cobra Kai on Cobra Kai. It happens.

[1:42:37.5] SR: Sure. What you start to see is Kreese become frustrated. That’s when he starts to say, “We’re going to start playing dirty.”

[1:42:45.8] JC: Yeah. I remember being in a tournament and making it to the finals and I had to fight my own guy, my own Wild Bunch guy. Much like in sports, whatever, I want to win. It was also a little like, “Uh.” I was hoping I would fight another guy. It was seriously a credited moment and it was 2-2. We both went in and I lost.

[1:43:08.0] SR: Are you guys still friends after that?

[1:43:09.3] JC: No, I hate that guy. Yes, of course we’re friends. We had to drive home together. I had the second place and he had the first place trophy. We are at the tournament and You’re the Best is playing. Great song. Daniel’s moving through the ranks.

[1:43:24.8] SR: Wait, You’re the Best is playing at this moment in time before the locker room?

[1:43:29.0] JC: Yeah.

[1:43:29.7] SR: Okay, I thought it plays after.

[1:43:30.8] JC: No, it doesn’t play in the end. Remember that? That’s a score. It’s that early montage when he just gets his footing and the tournament screws in a lot. We are listening to You’re the Best and it helps us get through the early parts of the tournament. Cobra Kai on Cobra Kai, some really good martial artists and Daniel’s understanding his way. Along that journey, he’s waiting a few too many matches for Kreese, the Cobra Kai sensei. He orders Bobby to –

[1:44:01.4] SR: Finish him? It’s not finishing him. Put him down. What does he say?

[1:44:04.9] JC: Put him down. Put him down.

[1:44:06.8] SR: He goes, “I can win this.”

[1:44:08.2] JC: Basically, DQ yourself for the team. He does.

[1:44:13.1] SR: In other words, Kreese wants to punish Daniel.

[1:44:15.9] JC: He doesn’t want to take any chances. He does instructs Bobby to – who Bobby’s proved himself throughout the film to yes, he’s a Cobra Kai, but he’s also showed mercy every now and again. He takes Daniel down.

[1:44:31.8] SR: Yeah. He gets disqualified.

[1:44:33.6] JC: He gets DQ’d, but he immediately runs over and apologizes.

[1:44:36.8] SR: Yeah. As soon as he takes him down and Daniel is there writhing in pain, he runs over to him he says, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He felt for him, but he followed the commands of his sensei.

[1:44:46.2] JC: Yes, he did that. Daniel looks like he’s done. In fact, they brought a house doctor –

[1:44:52.9] SR: With a white coat and everything.

[1:44:54.8] JC: White coat. He’s in the locker room and –

[1:44:58.2] SR: That two officials standing over him.

[1:45:00.1] JC: With shirts that said, “Official.” His mother and his girlfriend, Ali and Mr. Miyagi. All you’re missing is a priest.

[1:45:08.5] SR: Yeah, he’s out of there.

[1:45:09.8] JC: He’s done. The doctor says, “I’ll go report this to everybody that – Sorry, kid. Next time.”

[1:45:15.5] SR: Yeah. The doctor goes off to tell the tournament officials that Daniel LaRusso is done. That’s where they’re going to start handing out the trophies.

[1:45:22.1] JC: Oh, the trophy is going to Johnny. DQ, here you go. Forfeit, I guess that’s what it would be. Not DQ. The presenter is great. Text. He’s got a little Western outfit on. Daniel does not want to hear it. He shoos his mother and Ali away and Mr. Miyagi looks into his eyes and then performs the Miyagi magic. He does that –

[1:45:48.8] SR: We don’t see it though.

[1:45:49.6] JC: We cut away.

[1:45:50.6] SR: Yeah. We know what happens.

[1:45:51.7] JC: We know what happens.

[1:45:53.0] SR: He does the warm hands on his knee, I guess. It would be his knee.

[1:45:57.6] JC: Yeah, the back of his knee.

[1:45:58.4] SR: Yeah. He does the warm hands on his knee. We cut, so we don’t – but we know what’s happening. They cut and now they’re giving the trophy to Johnny, but then Ali runs out.

[1:46:06.4] JC: I wish I’d known Mr. Miyagi before I had my ACL repaired. I could have just had –

[1:46:09.9] SR: Yeah. You could have avoided surgeries.

[1:46:10.8] JC: Just right there. Done. Yes. Ali comes running out, “Daniel is going to fight?”

[1:46:16.6] SR: “Daniel LaRusso is going to fight.”

[1:46:18.3] JC: Then the crowd just starts to go berserk, because we got ourselves a fight. That’s a good one. Daniel comes out. He’s hobbled, but he’s moving. They have a very good sequence, better than I remember. I mean, by now they probably practiced a lot together, especially choreographed sequences together. They look really good. Johnny’s looking like a pretty good martial artist.

[1:46:43.4] SR: I definitely want to agree with you on that, is a pretty good fight sequence. I remember I saw a movie called Warrior that was based on mixed martial arts.

[1:46:51.9] JC: I saw it.

[1:46:52.5] SR: You saw that? Dan Hardy was on there.

[1:46:53.0] JC: Yeah. Joel Edgerton and Joel Edgerton and Nick Nolte was nominated for an Oscar. I liked it.

[1:46:59.7] SR: I’ve already been a fan of mixed martial arts for so many years. When I saw that movie, I just – some things just really struck me as fake.

[1:47:07.6] JC: I cried me into that movie though.

[1:47:09.2] SR: I’m sorry. Okay, so when I see Karate Kid though, those moves look pretty real and pretty good.

[1:47:13.6] JC: It did. It’s different, because they don’t show a sequence that goes on this long in any of the fights so far. This is the longest fight of the whole tournament. They’ve stretched out for a reason. Yeah, good point. They’ve choreographed this well and they also give the end of the lead. I mean, he’s up 2-0. Johnny’s got to rally back. Kreese instructs him to –

[1:47:36.5] SR: Sweep the leg.

[1:47:37.4] JC: Sweep the leg.

[1:47:38.4] SR: He added damage to something that was already damaged.

[1:47:40.0] JC: Right. I’m surprised that Johnny wasn’t DQ’d as well. He was warned, but I know it’s a championship.

[1:47:47.1] SR: They may score differently in championship.

[1:47:48.8] JC: Yeah. DQs are – we’re not going to do that. He hurts him at the end of this great battle and Daniel is forced to barely put any pressure on that leg, which just happens to tie into the infamous crane kick. We know it’s coming. We’ve seen him practice it. We’ve seen Mr. Miyagi practice it, but you know who hasn’t seen it?

[1:48:13.2] SR: Johnny.

[1:48:13.7] JC: Johnny hasn’t seen it.

[1:48:15.2] SR: Well also, I don’t know really know if a viewer sees this movie for the first time, they saw the montage, they saw the crane, but I don’t know if they’re going to assume that that move they saw on the wooden post at the beach is going to be the winning move at the end.

[1:48:29.4] JC: I want to say that I remember it being it, but I probably didn’t either. I just knew he didn’t have much more fight in him.

[1:48:38.3] SR: He needed that one superior move. Remember just like Mr. Miyagi said earlier when they talked about the crane earlier in the movie, if done right, no can defend.

[1:48:47.8] JC: That’s right. That’s right.

[1:48:49.1] SR: What is it? A superior move. It is a game-changer.

[1:48:52.3] JC: It’s a game-changer and highly illegal.

[1:48:56.6] SR: Yeah. Again, if you talk to some experts, supposedly they say you would not want to do that in a tournament. You would not be allowed to do that in a tournament. You kick your opponent in the face.

[1:49:04.3] JC: Yes. This whole sequence to me when he comes back from the Miyagi magical hands healing, it’s very rocky-esque, which really feeds into the director, John Avildsen’s background. Unlike Rocky, Rocky doesn’t win in the first Rocky. He loses to Apollo Creed, but he gets respect.

[1:49:26.9] SR: I forgot that he doesn’t win.

[1:49:27.7] JC: He wins in the second one.

[1:49:29.6] SR: Wait, Rocky doesn’t win in the first movie?

[1:49:31.7] JC: No. He loses.

[1:49:33.2] SR: Really. Wow.

[1:49:34.1] JC: He loses to Apollo Creed, but the whole thing is he’s a bum from Philadelphia, off the street and he took the champ to the distance, so he was a winner. His life changed, but then he got the rematch, and so he won. You just knew something was brewing beneath the surface, the music was different, the score was swelling. When he hung in there that long, you just thought the longer Daniel stays in this thing, he’s got a chance. Then the infamous scene, of which, I’m so glad you sent me the photo from Floyd’s in Encino.

[1:50:05.2] SR: Yeah. If you’re ever around in the City of Encino on Ventura Boulevard in Encino, it would be just east of White Oak. There’s a Floyd’s barbershop and I believe that this mural was on the building prior to Floyd’s taking over the lease. It’s across from something called Super Sal’s Market. It’s an Israeli market.

[1:50:23.8] JC: Is that yours?

[1:50:24.8] SR: It should be. Right there on the side of Floyd’s is a wonderful, I call it a mural, but it’s a painting.

[1:50:30.6] JC: Beautiful.

[1:50:31.1] SR: It’s a beautiful painting of that scene –

[1:50:33.7] JC: The scene right before. He’s on a crane.

[1:50:35.3] SR: Right. He’s in the crane position.

[1:50:36.5] JC: He’s in the crane.

[1:50:36.9] SR: Yeah, and the ref is there with his hand out there and it is that pivotal moment, as Daniel goes into the crane and then the referee is right there ready to call the action. That mural if you’re ever in Encino is there on the side of a building, looks fantastic.

[1:50:49.3] JC: No, it’s amazing. I even heard that it was there before the movie.

[1:50:54.1] SR: Yeah. That’s how iconic that image is.

[1:50:56.9] JC: They said, “We’ve got to build a movie around this mural.” No. Sorry.

[1:51:02.8] SR: I studied the crane, because I –

[1:51:04.2] JC: I try to bring up the image that you sent me. I was trying to grab it real fast. No, it’s amazing.

[1:51:08.1] SR: What I what I wanted to see, because I actually watched over and over the crane itself is what leg you’re standing on and what leg you land on. Now the way that Mr. Miyagi does the crane is he stands on one leg and then hops and then kicks with that leg, then lands on the other leg. A little more simple. 

Well, Daniel does the crane. If you look at the way Mr. Miyagi did the crane at the beach, you look at the way – even Daniel did the crane at the beach, versus the way he does it at the tournament, you have to add in the hurt leg, so it adds a third step. It’s not just jumping from one leg to the other.

[1:51:35.7] JC: It’s clunkier, but he wind up kicking him with the healthy leg. Lands on the bad leg, which Daniel also could have just fallen down there, but he didn’t because he scored the point. Quickly switched to the healthy leg.  Yeah, you never could pull it off on the pole on the ocean. He would land on said pole.

[1:51:55.5] SR: He would have fallen to the side. Yeah, but I just noticed that, because obviously that image is so iconic of him in the crane position. As a fan of mixed martial arts and I’ve seen so many kicks over the years, I was like, “Well, wait a second.” Okay, so you’re standing on this leg. You use kick with that leg, then you jump to the other leg. Then now you have the added hurt leg, so you got to jump back on to the good leg. Yeah, he has to do a more complex crane than if he didn’t have a hurt leg.

[1:52:20.9] JC: Good point. I would also venture to say that the crane maybe at one point in time was indefensible. Post-Karate Kid –

[1:52:31.3] SR: Indefensible.

[1:52:32.4] JC: Don’t walk into the crane. Make them come to you. Takedown, music swells, Ali rushes on, Daniel’s the winner. I like how movies in the 80s just ended. A great sequence, by the way, before we forget. Johnny comes over and he’s the one that gives Daniel the trophy. That’s great moment.

[1:52:55.4] SR: He’s going to say something like, “You earned this, or you deserve this.” He said something like that.

[1:52:58.7] JC: Totally. I remember seeing that and having all the empathy in the world for Johnny. Wow, he understood it. He respects Daniel now. No more problems. Mr. Miyagi’s plan worked.

[1:53:10.2] SR: All the beef is squashed right now.

[1:53:11.2] JC: It’s over. The whole Ali bit, all of it, you’re one of us, but not one of us. That’s a great moment. Then we end on Mr. Miyagi who didn’t bum-rush at the stage.

[1:53:23.0] SR: No. He allowed Daniel and his girlfriend, I guess the mom also, Freddy probably.

[1:53:28.6] JC: Freddy, who does make an appearance at the tournament, by the way.

[1:53:31.7] SR: Freddy appears at the tournament.

[1:53:33.3] JC: “I’m your best friend!”

[1:53:34.7] SR: “Remember me? Remember me? The guy that left you at the beach. Remember me?” Yeah. Miyagi let him have his time. That’s something I would do, by the way. I let people have their moment to shine. Let them have their moment.

[1:53:47.5] JC: You would just leave.

[1:53:49.3] SR: Honestly? Yes.

[1:53:51.2] JC: Where’s Sal? Where is my sensei?

[1:53:54.0] SR: He’s drunk.

[1:53:55.1] JC: He’s gone. He moved to Northridge.

[1:53:57.2] SR: He’s wasted. Yeah, so he lets him have his moment. Yeah, Johnny runs up, hands him the trophy, all pieces squashed, but that’s not the original way that they wanted to end about it.

[1:54:06.9] JC: No. We end on like in the 80s.

[1:54:09.4] SR: A close-up single shot.

[1:54:10.9] JC: Close-up of Mr. Miyagi, fly collar, smiling, over the – really a cool shot, and it’s over. We’re not talking a slow push. They could have done a pull out and seeing all these people leaving the stadium, but that’s how they ended movies then. I had read The Karate Kid book. When I say book, back in the 80s when I was a kid, you couldn’t get the screenplays as far as I knew, but they would release the book of the movie. Sometimes if I couldn’t go see the movie right away, I would knock out the book.

I think I’d already seen Karate Kid, so I was just reading the book, because I was so enamored with it. The end of the book has a scene that is past this sequence, that is what starts Karate Kid 2. Let’s talk about that scene, just to end this podcast, because Karate Kid 2 for the most part is in Okinawa, it’s a whole different story. Cobra Kai doesn’t really have a presence.

[1:55:10.5] SR: Ali’s not in it.

[1:55:11.5] JC: Ali’s not in it. We’ll talk about this one opening sequence, because it’s the end of Cobra Kai for a while.

[1:55:18.1] SR: Yeah, so the beginning of Karate Kid 2 was supposed to be the ending of the Karate Kid.

[1:55:23.2] JC: They did the right thing. They ended one at the right place.

[1:55:26.8] SR: Yeah. The original intention was there was something in the parking lot?

[1:55:30.2] JC: Yeah. I watched just to get fresh again, because I have not seen Karate Kid 2 in God, maybe since the 80s. It’s filmed years later, a few years later, but we are now leaving the auditorium and we’re in the parking lot. Daniel’s hobbled, but he’s got his clothes, his normal clothes, street clothes, he’s with Mr. Miyagi, he has the trophy, no mother, no Ali, because Elisabeth Shue is not in the sequel.

[1:55:57.4] SR: I wonder why the mother wasn’t in the sequel.

[1:55:59.7] JC: I don’t know, because I didn’t keep watching, but she wasn’t in this particular sequence. Maybe they didn’t have her because where’s Ali if you have the mother there? From afar, you see sensei Kreese not happy with any of the Cobra Kais. He’s really getting vocal with Johnny. Oh, he takes his second place trophy and literally destroys it. Shreds it, slams it and then puts a chokehold, Johnny in a chokehold. That’s it, Mr. Miyagi sees it –

[1:56:29.9] SR: At this point, it’s child abuse at this moment.

[1:56:31.3] JC: It’s horrible. All the other – they’re trying to come in. Some of the Cobra Kais were trying to step in and break it up and he’s – he’s tough enough to knock them back. Miyagi has to intervene. He comes over and asked him to release him and he doesn’t, so then he grabs I think Kreese’s – one of his arms, puts it behind his back and Kreese tries to punch Mr. Miyagi, Miyagi moves and he crushes a car window. 

He pulls his right – one of his hands up, blood everywhere, circles back, tries to punch Mr. Miyagi again, again Miyagi moves, another car window shatters. Kreese has two super bloody knuckles. Jonny’s safe and I guess Mr. Miyagi drops him to his knee and has his hand ready for a kill shot. Could easily take him out, shot to the nose, anywhere vital.

[1:57:28.2] SR: Treat him like those bottles.

[1:57:29.8] JC: Totally. Those unbelievable bottles. He acts like he’s going to take him out. There’s a shot of Daniel on-looking thinking, “What is Miyagi doing? Is he really going to kill this guy?” He stops right at the very – at the bridge of his nose and honks like, “He, he.” Pinches his nose. It’s a bit much.

[1:57:52.1] SR: Well, it’s humiliating.

[1:57:52.7] JC: It’s humiliating. Kreese is near passing out for some reason. Falls down face down and all the other Cobra Kai students are just like “Wow, what has happened?”

[1:58:04.0] SR: Weren’t they going to drop their black belts at him?

[1:58:06.5] JC: Did they do that?

[1:58:07.2] SR: Well, that’s what I read. I read that they were going to have it so that they just dropped – they dumped their black belts at his limp body. Yeah. Kreese goes down so easy.

[1:58:16.5] JC: Yeah, I know that he’s got two busted hands. I get that. He’s more humiliated. Then for the after the honk on the nose, he just – a tough guy like that wouldn’t have went down like that. I could see him being bested and saying, “Fine, you got me.” He just falls down, like he passed out. The Cobra Kais have now, as far as I know, that’s the end of Cobra Kais in the second Karate Kid. Now the third one I know they make a comeback, but that’s – we’ll save that for a rainy day. This is the end of the Kreese, Cobra Kai, Johnny, which is why it’s a great lead-in to the show.

[1:58:50.7] SR: You’re saying that a viewer can go straight from Karate Kid into Cobra Kai, bypassing Karate Kid two and three if they want to?

[1:58:57.1] JC: Yes.

[1:58:57.8] SR: Well, it’s when I’ve asked people who are die-hard Star Wars fans, okay, let’s say I’ve never have seen Star Wars, let’s say. I’ve never seen any of the movies, where should I start?

[1:59:08.2] JC: The first Star Wars.

[1:59:09.8] SR: Which is episode four? The first release?

[1:59:12.8] JC: Somewhere along the way became a new hope, but it was always Star Wars.

[1:59:16.3] SR: Okay. The first theatrical release.

[1:59:17.4] JC: Yeah, the 70s. Then I would watch Empire. I would go ahead and watch Return of the Jedi, too bad the Ewoks are there. Then I would skip ahead to the newest ones, the J.J. Abrams once.

[1:59:30.6] SR: Skipping Clone Wars.

[1:59:32.4] JC: All that stuff.

[1:59:32.8] SR: Okay. There you go. It’s not that much different here.

[1:59:35.5] JC: No, you’re skipping two. The two I’m not even throwing under the bus, because two is actually a pretty good story. They go to Okinawa, but it’s just a different story.

[1:59:43.9] SR: He has a different love interest.

[1:59:44.6] JC: A different love interest and Miyagi has a love interest. It’s actually a war scene, but for the sake of Cobra Kai, let’s talk Cobra Kai. You can stay in the lane and watch this one. There may be a point where you want to for special episodes, explore two and three, because three there was Cobra Kai presence. There’s even the one with Hilary Swank, which I never saw.

[2:00:03.8] SR: There was also an animated show for a while, Karate Kid animated show in the 80s, the late 80s.

[2:00:10.0] JC: Was it Miyagi and LaRusso, Daniel?

[2:00:13.0] SR: I think so. Yeah. Let’s just back up a little bit. The Karate Kid name was borrowed from DC Comics. There was a DC comic character named The Karate Kid. You see at the end of the Karate Kid movie, they thank DC Comics. The makers of The Karate Kid motion picture approached DC Comics and asked, “Can we use this name Karate Kid for our motion picture?” I guess –

[2:00:35.6] JC: They said no.

[2:00:36.3] SR: No, no. Well, they threatened them with sweeping the leg.

[2:00:40.5] JC: They said, “Clint’s already pulled off the Coca-Cola. What else is happening?”

[2:00:44.3] SR: They said yes. At the end of the movie, they do thank DC Comics for the use of the name the Karate Kid.

[2:00:49.2] JC: I did not know that.

[2:00:50.2] SR: Yeah, more trivia.

[2:00:51.5] JC: Yeah, it’s good trivia. That concludes Cobra Kai, how it came into being and really Kreese’s Cobra Kai and Johnny. We will pick up Let’s Talk – Cobra Kai with Season 1 Episode 1 on our next episode.

[2:01:05.3] SR: All right. I’m really looking forward to that, because I have not seen Cobra Kai yet. Am I allowed to say that? Or am I –

[2:01:10.9] JC: You are. Yeah.

[2:01:11.7] SR: Okay. I haven’t seen Cobra Kai yet, so this is going to be new to me. I’ve really enjoyed the Karate Kid. I’m looking forward to getting into Cobra Kai. I’m actually pretty excited about it.

[2:01:19.2] JC: Me too. Episodes would be much shorter. This movie, which they don’t make movies like this anymore, almost a two-hour run time for a feel-good movie, heartwarming movie. You wouldn’t see that.

[2:01:29.2] SR: Yeah. A movie like this, you would think at about an hour and a half, hour 40.

[2:01:32.1] JC: Yeah, that’s how they do it now. Our episode is 22 minutes, our episodes will be shorter and jam packed, because Cobra Kai is – it’s really well done. You’re going to like it.

[2:01:41.3] SR: Well also, it’s a different era now. If you go back to the Karate Kid, there’s no cellphones, there’s no Internet.

[2:01:47.3] JC: There’s not?

[2:01:48.0] SR: Cobra Kai I guess has to have cellphones and Internet. It’s present-day, right?

[2:01:52.1] JC: You’re touching on some good points that we’ll be talking about. Yes.

[2:01:55.6] SR: Well, that’s one of the things I would ask filmmakers when we were at the festival is I would ask them, I would say, “I noticed that the movies in present-day, yet you don’t have any cellphones,” and they would make these decisions. They were intentional to remove cellphone, to remove Internet from a movie, even those present-day, because it changes the dynamic. You can hop on your, phone dial 911, whatever. Well, that changes everything.

[2:02:18.8] JC: I will say this, I will give you – since I have seen Cobra Kai season 1, season 2 and I enjoyed it so much, is what led me to want to create this podcast. I can’t wait to revisit it and have notes and we’ll be ready to roll. I will tell you this, Johnny Lawrence is a little bit of a Billy Madison type. If you remember Billy Madison, when he goes back to school, he’s still stuck in a different era, Johnny Lawrence is a little bit of that.

[2:02:46.3] SR: He’s still stuck in the 80s?

[2:02:48.2] JC: You’ll see that and then you get to know aside the Johnny you’ve never got to see in the movie.

[2:02:53.6] SR: That will be nice.

[2:02:54.8] JC: Then it’s cut with where Daniel’s in life. You know what? They’ve done some good things and I’m excited to explore together.

[2:03:01.5] SR: I’m excited to explore Cobra Kai as well. I thank you for inviting me on this journey with you.

[2:03:05.8] JC: My pleasure. All right, we’ll see you next time. Thanks for listening. Bye.


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