PopFinance – E05 – Forbes “The World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities”

[00:00:00] FA: Welcome to Just Curious Media. This is Pop Finance. I’m François Auré. I’m a Forex analyst and author and U.S. markets contributor for CCN. 

[00:00:08] SH: I’m Sarah Helms, and I am attorney and also a pop culture guru.

[00:00:13] FA: Talking of pop culture, today we’ll be dissecting Forbes highest paid celebrities from 1 to 30 and we’ll throw in a couple of bonus mentions for anyone that we feel deserves a mention.

[00:00:24] SH: No disrespect to the 40s and below, it’s just that time is of the essence here. So before we get started, let’s let Francois destroy something, destroy all of our hearts by telling us, apparently, although you don’t have buy-in in this theory, that the Forbes list is not real or whatever. Go ahead. Get it out. I’m only giving you 30 seconds.

[00:00:43] FA: It’s not that the Forbes list is not real, except Forbes themselves have an extremely random way of valuing people, although they might try to make, “Oh, it sound very simple.” But this information is actually very hard to obtain. The most famous example of this is that when Forbes used to do their richest people in the world or richest people in America, they used to go to a certain Mr. Donald Trump, who once said to when Forbes were trying to value him said his net worth was basically however he felt that day. He used to contact Forbes and he used to try and get them to boost his net worth to whatever it was going to be, because part of Mr. Trump’s brand was being wealthy. When you know that and you know how flexible they are with their amounts, this casts some of their lists into question I believe.

[00:01:29] SH: So putting aside this conspiracy theory, let’s talk about the list. It’s very exciting and I know we’ll brush over this because we don’t want to spend too much time on the very hard-earned number one spot unless we’re not starting at number one. Are we starting backwards? How do you think we should progress?

[00:01:44] FA: I think we should start with explaining to people, because I didn’t really understand this, that this is the highest paid celebrities list. Again, subjectively, Forbes have just decided who’s a celebrity and who’s not a celebrity. Apparently, Elon Musk with 25 million followers on Twitter is not a celebrity.

[00:02:02] SH: Again, I must disagree with you. Shocking, I know.

[00:02:04] FA: Jeff Bezos, not a celebrity.

[00:02:05] SH: Because these people are businessmen, not celebrities. 

[00:02:09] FA: A definitely of celebrity.

[00:02:11] SH: Oh yeah, go ahead and give me your definition, because I think it’s probably incorrect. 

[00:02:13] FA: The definition of celebrity is fame or renowned.

[00:02:18] SH: Okay, Mr. Webster. I actually think the more common definition of celebrity is something that they have a skill for, athletes, musicians, movie stars. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are just businessmen. They’re just men who builds an empire. They’re not famous for any sort of skill that people can be entertained by. They’re entertainers. Actually, that’s a better way to put it, is that Jeff Bezos is by no means – I mean, come one. Have you seen the man? An entertainer? Okay? 

[00:02:44] FA: I think there would be a lot of people who consider Elon Musk exceptionally entertaining. In fact, people go to his Tesla presentations just to see him. They might not even like the cars. They just go to see him.

[00:02:56] SH: We have a lot of things to get through. Can we just agree to disagree on this and we will say, if it makes you feel better, that this is the top entertainers of 2019. Does that make you feel a little bit better?

[00:03:05] FA: That means we have to classify the sports people as entertainers.

[00:03:08] SH: They absolutely are. People derive so much joy from sports people 

[00:03:10] FA: All right. I’ll accept that. So why is Donald Trump not on the list then?

[00:03:13] SH: Well, he’s not an entertainer. He’s the president of the United States.

[00:03:16] FA: He has reality TV show, The Apprentice.

[00:03:18] SH: That’s not his current role. His current role is protecting the United States.

[00:03:22] FA: Protecting it, personally.

[00:03:24] SH: Exactly. 

[00:03:24] FA: Singlehandedly even.

[00:03:27] SH: So where should we start? From the bottom, or we should start from the top?

[00:03:30] FA: Well, we’ll start with the top three.

[00:03:33] SH: Okay. So number three on the list is Mr. West himself, Kanye. I feel very weird about this, because in my brain, and I know this is going to sound shocking, because he’s married to a very famous, very relevant woman, but in my brain, he’s very 10 years ago. But he’s not, because I guess this year is when he came out with the shoe. I don’t know much about this shoe other than it costs an exorbitant amount of money and it’s called a Yeezy, and that it’s a shoe, and people buy it for a lot of money, and that Kanye very sweetly gave Kim a share of his company for her birthday, which is not very sweet, but also extremely generous, because it’s now worth a ton of money.

[00:04:14] FA: Mr. West made $150 million this year allegedly, or last year allegedly.

[00:04:19] SH: Congratulations. He really needs it. He really, really needs it.

[00:04:21] FA: Which I ask you, I was quite surprised with this, because while Kanye is a very famous rapper.

[00:04:28] SH: He was about 10 years ago, but moving on.

[00:04:29] FA: But while he’s a very famous or relatively famous, depending on how popular you think he is, he now basically sells clothes for living. That’s where the bulk of his income comes from, is selling these shoes. The Adidas distribution deal that he managed to secure has really sent the Yeezy shoes into the stratosphere. I was amazed –

[00:04:45] SH: That’s how he came in at number three. Unbelievable.

[00:04:47] FA: I was amazed. I always thought of Kim, because she’s – There’s a lot of money to be made on television, on TV shows, particularly ones as successful as the Kardashians. She is absolutely languishing down in 26. He’s number 3, she’s number 26. I was astonished.

[00:05:02] SH: That is something that actually I wonder if, and I don’t want to go into a rabbit hole, but I have frequently wondered sometimes when I’m brushing my teeth just thinking about the Kardashians. If there’s ever this time that they secretly are competitive with each other, because when you really look at it, the youngest of the Kardashians is the richest, and it’s kind of funny to me that Kim had to do all of these to make her family famous. I mean, she was really the sacrifice here. She had the uncomfortable tape that made everyone famous. Everyone’s just climbing on top of her for her fame, and now they’re richer than she is. 

It has to touchy. Even if they don’t talk about, which they don’t on the show, it has to be something they secretly think about. I sacrificed everything to get you where you are and now you’re richer than me. It just must sting a little bit, just burn a little bit.

[00:05:47] FA: Speaking of household rivalry, that takes us to number 2 with Ms. Kylie Jenner and a whopping $170 cosmetics hole.

[00:05:56] SH: I mean, this is not surprising, whatsoever. She has had an unbelievable year. Her skincare products line is booming. I mean, this is not a surprise to anyone. She’s continued to excel and she’s continued to be the businesswoman that we all knew she could be, and mother, inspiration to all. But even in a bigger inspiration – I don’t mean to gloss over you, Kylie, is the one and only, number one spot, T-Swift. 

It’s not surprising. I know Francois takes a huge issue with this number one spot, because she did have a tour this year. Obviously, she made more money than others. But I don’t think it’s far off from probably any other year she has. I mean, she’s always raking in the dough.

[00:06:33] FA: Well, she’s not going to make 185 million on a year. She’s not touring.

[00:06:36] SH: I agree with you there, but I don’t think she’s that far off, because I mean people continue to love her, continue to buy her music.

[00:06:43] FA: Sadly. She might be earning a lot now. Some of those royalties might be hard to come by.

[00:06:48] SH: Yes.

[00:06:49] FA: The famous master recordings, if anyone listened to one of prior episodes where she lost control of the masters. 

[00:06:55] SH: It’s very true. This is maybe her last year as number one.

[00:06:56] FA: Taylor Swift on the stage of multi, multimillionaire, pop stars worth hundreds of millions of dollars. If she wants to stay there and keep earning, she’s going to need to get a hold of those masters. 

[00:07:08] SH: Please feel free to scroll through our list of episodes, because we have an entire episode on this topic, if it interests you. But we have to move on, because there are hundreds, literally a hundred of these people. I think that if we kind of scroll through the top 10, there are several famous athletes here that appear at 4, 6 and 7.

[00:07:28] FA: Shout out to the power of soccer in the world. The top 10 has three soccer players. No NFL players and no basketball players, but one boxer. But as we know with boxers, boxers don’t tend to fight very often. When you see a boxer on there, he’s probably just had a busy year and then probably he won’t be on the list next year, because he’ll probably have a rest.

[00:07:46] SH: Also, quite a controversial number, 5, Mr. Sharon, who we know is in quite the bit of a legal battle right now over some of his music. That money that he stack piled in 2019 is probably going to be given to a large settlement.

[00:08:00] FA: There will be some vultures circling over Mr. Sharon. He probably said, “Could you make it a bit less?”

[00:08:05] SH: Yeah, because inevitably, have to pay this enormous settlement for stealing music. I would like to not appear as wealth as I am. We shall see where he comes in at next year, because I imagine it will be much further down the list. Great job for getting where you are today, Mr. Sharon.

[00:08:18] FA: Which takes us to a rather extraordinarily, because Forbes have decided to put them all together in a group, because they are a group. The Eagles in at number 8 in their first tour since they lost Glenn Frey, raked $100 million. That really sticks in to those people who think they’re just Hotel California.

[00:08:38] SH: Number 9 here, looking at the lovely and wonderful Dr. Phil.

[00:08:44] FA: University of Tulsa.

[00:08:46] SH: Go Tulsa. I mean, this one is a little surprising for anyone who’s seen an episode of Dr.Phil. I mean, fair play to him, he is still finding the craziest people in America and putting them on his show and finding a way to make it entertaining. I have to say I’m proud of him. Anyway, congratulations to Dr. Phil. It’s a surprising one all the way at number 9. It’s incredible.

[00:09:08] FA: American terrestrial television proving that there’s still practically no more lucrative of a job than being an everyday television host in the United States.

[00:09:18] SH: Absolutely. Just before we move on from our top 10 just so that everyone’s aware of the order here. We have, again, the lovely Taylor Swift, number one. We have Kylie Jenner, Kanye West, Lionel Messis, Ed Sheeran, Cristiano Ronaldo.

[00:09:32] FA: At number 6.

[00:09:32] SH: Neymar, who I think I said that wrong. Is it Neymar? 

[00:09:34] FA: Neymar. Yeah.

[00:09:35] SH: Neymar, number 7. Number 8, The Eagles. Number 9, Dr. Phil. Number 10, Canelo Alvarez.

[00:09:42] FA: As we get into the higher numbers, rather than go from person to person, we’ll just going to pick the ones that we think is more interesting. 

[00:09:49] SH: I have to say something shocking about numbers 11 through 20. I’m sorry, but Dwayne Johnson at number 15.

[00:09:58] FA: The highest paid actor in the world.

[00:09:59] SH: I’m shocked by this. I mean, the last movie I saw him was the one with the little girl when she’s like the football. It’s his daughter mysteriously shows up, and that was like 10 years ago. I guess Moana. Was he in Moana maybe? Is that what it is?

[00:10:12] FA: Actually, he was in Moana. He was in Jumanji 2. 

[00:10:17] SH: He’s creeping in to a lot of –

[00:10:18] FA: He’s in a lot of stuff. Hobbs and Shaw, fans of the Fast and Furious franchise.

[00:10:23] SH: You know what? Congratulations to him for being – Because I just never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought – I’m just surprised. 15 is high.

[00:10:30] FA: I actually was a fan when he was on WWE. Back then they used to say, they used to make fun of him and called him the Hollywood Rock, and he said he was gone and he was disrespected in WWE. He made a movie called The Scorpion King.

[00:10:44] SH: Oh, yes! A fantastic film. Yeah.

[00:10:47] FA: It was widely panned by critics. Now, I think Ballers was the most watched show on HBO when it was released?

[00:10:54] SH: You know what? Then I just don’t have my facts straight, because maybe he’s in a lot of stuff I didn’t know about. For me, 15 just seems really high for a man who, I swear to you, the last movie he did was the football movie.

[00:11:03] FA: There’s not a lot of actors on this list. The acting profession does not seem to be quite as lucrative, or they’re not certainly as mast around the top. You heard it here first, kids. If you want to make a ton of money, you need to sing, you need to sell cosmetics.

[00:11:18] SH: Or you need to be an athlete.

[00:11:19] FA: Or you need to be an athlete. 

[00:11:20] SH: A football player preferably.

[00:11:21] FA: Let’s be honest. If you want to make a lot of money, I think football, soccer is still the way to go.

[00:11:26] SH: Or according to this next 10, American Football is also an option, because we have Russell Wilson, number 14. Aaron Rodgers, number 16. I don’t think those are all very shocking. They’re both very well-known football players, and I just realized now, just so that anyone’s lost about my reference earlier. The Rock was in a movie called Gameplan. An adorable little girl, and I think it was his daughter. Just in case anyone wants to go look that up.  Yeah. Again, we have some athletes there. 

Not surprising, because she’s a shining star and always will be, J.K. Rowling, number 13. I mean, truly, I’m shocked she’s not higher, because everywhere I go there’s some sort of Harry Potter land. There is a Harry Potter land, a Harry Potter store. There are some play now. I mean, I don’t understand how she’s not absolutely raking it in above some of these other people.

[00:12:08] FA: I mean, when you consider though how passive she is. I mean, she doesn’t build these theme parks. She basically just sits at home and someone just delivers a lorry full, or a truck full of cash and drops it at her door. $92 million made and a couple of short stories written. It’s all coming. It’s all royalties. It’s all license fees, and a reminder, because it is easy to get caught up in all of these that these are the richest celebrities. This list is not their net worth. This is how much money they made last year. This is an important point, because if you go down the list and you scroll all the way down, you’ll find a Mr. Tiger Woods at number 34. 

Now, Mr. Tiger Woods is a billionaire. Comprehensively, a billionaire. Almost everyone else we’ve talked about on this list is not a billionaire. I think J.K. Rowling is very close.

[00:12:57] SH: I was going to say, I think she probably is pretty close.

[00:12:59] FA: She is, which is what brought me on to the Tiger Woods topic. Dwayne Johnson, wealthy man. Nowhere near a billionaire. Aaron Rodgers might have made $79 million. Nowhere near a billionaire.

[00:13:10] SH: That is an important distinction. I absolutely agree. Let’s see. Anyone else who want to about numbers –

[00:13:15] FA: Can we talk about Elton John?

[00:13:16] SH: Oh! God rest his soul. 

[00:13:17] FA: Number 19. Well, he’s still alive.  

[00:13:19] SH: I know. 

[00:13:21] FA: Very much still alive. I mean, I’m pretty sure I saw him –

[00:13:25] SH: It’s not what I meant to say. He’s very much alive. 

[00:13:28] FA: I’m sure in Rocketman, he was giving some interviews. Unless it was the ghost of Elton John, which it may have been, but I think he’s still alive.

[00:13:33] SH: I meant to say that he’s a lovely soul. I did not mean to say God rest his soul. That was absolutely an error. I know he’s alive. He’s an absolutely wonderful man. Although, in interviews, he seems to be a very, very straightforward, often curt man, but I’m sure a very lovely man.

[00:13:47] FA: He’s a curt man.

[00:13:48] SH: Yeah, very lovely man, and still very successful.

[00:13:48] FA: One of the most generous man pound-for-pound in the United Kingdom based on his earnings, and proof for Ms. Taylor Swift, proof how important it is to maintain a lot of rights and to be involved with writing your songs, because a lot of that $84 million he gets is just straight royalties, checks in the mail.

[00:14:06] SH: I guess it probably wouldn’t have been calculated yet. I’m wondering if the Elton John as high up as he is has anything to do with the Rocketman film, or that is maybe not calculated in. I’m not sure.

[00:14:17] FA: I think he must get a little slice of that. I think that won’t count for this year.

[00:14:23] SH: No, probably not. Too soon. Too soon to tell.

[00:14:24] FA: But can you imagine the revenue that he made from people playing his songs? I mean, all I did was play after I watched that film. I just played Elton John songs for three days, and he gets –

[00:14:32] SH: You still haven’t stopped.

[00:14:33] FA: Well, that’s possibly true. But he gets – I mean, on Spotify or Pandora, I think he gets about one cent every time anyone plays it. That’s a lot of cents.

[00:14:41] SH: Yeah, incredible. Well, no wonder he’s here. Roger Federer, no surprise is there. I mean, greatest – Would you say greatest tennis player?

[00:14:47] FA: It’s another conversation for another day, but definitely one of the most winning, one of the most stylish, and by all accounts, a really wonderful man.

[00:14:56] SH: Okay. Well, then great. So number 11, he is. We also have a couple other people sprinkled in here. We got Rush Limbaugh, number 18. I think he was quite an earner this year. What’s the numbers on that one?

[00:15:06] FA: $87 million.

[00:15:07] SH: Yeah, it’s incredible. Incredible. I think, again, not surprising, we have number 17, Lebron James. I think the only one we skipped here was actually number 12, Mr. Howard Stern. 

[00:15:18] FA: Oh, Mr. Howard Stern. Yeah. We got two radio hosts in the top 20, proving that radio continues to be an extremely powerful media force.

[00:15:28] SH: Wonderful. Then number 20, we have Jay Z. I think Jay Z’s lovely, lovely wife, the queen herself, Beyonce is also in the list.

[00:15:36] FA: They put them together.

[00:15:36] SH: Did they put them together? 

[00:15:37] FA: I’m not sure if they just said you are one being and you’re both going to earn the same amount, of if because they’re married and their finances are tied. I’m not sure what they did here, or maybe it just happened they both made precisely $81 million a year.

[00:15:49] SH: I doubt that that is the case. That’d be a very strange coincidence. But it’s interesting. It looks like what they did was say they’re both number 20. We don’t have a 21, because 21 – It’s an odd thing to do here. I guess they just, yeah, didn’t want to say who is richer between the two.

[00:16:01] FA: Right, exactly.

[00:16:02] SH: Interesting. Well, we all know she’s the queen. I don’t need to say enough about Beyonce, because I think the world loves her. I mean, she’s wonderful. She’s fabulous. It’s not surprising at all she’s on here. But quite controversial, because I know how Francois feels about Ms. Degeneres. She’s number 22.  I know you don’t like her show. It’s surprising. 

[00:16:20] FA: I don’t enjoy her show.

[00:16:21] SH: I thoroughly enjoy her show.

[00:16:23] FA: If it’s not made by HBO, then I’m not interested, as we ascertain in previous episodes.

[00:16:29] SH: I think she’s hilarious. I think she’s real. I think she’s raw. She has my every bit of devotion as one of the best celebrity hostesses in the business. So number 22, not surprising. 

Again, we’ve moving back through the 20s. Is there anyone interesting here? I mean, again –

[00:16:43] FA: Can I just take a second to discuss something we haven’t discussed? Which is more of another one of my points of issue that I take with Forbes.

[00:16:51] SH: Here we go again. Get him on the soapbox people. What is it?

[00:16:53] FA: They do all these pre-tax. So all of these people are moving all over the place and they’re not really considering, but for anyone residing in the State of California and all of these sports athletes who play in California, they’re paying like 60% tax in these earnings. So ladies and gentlemen, when you listen and you hear, “Oh my goodness. Dwayne Johnson made $89 million.” Remember that the taxman is coming for more than half of that, if that makes you feel any better.

[00:17:20] SH: Do you have absolute confirmation is pretax?

[00:17:22] FA: Yeah, it is pretax.

[00:17:23] SH: I mean, that is interesting, because depending on where they are –

[00:17:25] FA: Let’s be honest. Forbes, can’t be bothered to sit there and calculate the tax. That’s not something – Forbes is not in the business of accuracy.

[00:17:33] SH: Ouch! Ouch to Mr. Forbes himself. I still enjoy the lists. I mean, you don’t need to pick them apart here. These people are rich no matter what, pretax, post-tax. They’re rich. 

[00:17:41] FA: Yeah, they are, but it would just be nice to fill their numbers with somewhat accurate. Sometimes they are. I’m sure some of these numbers are very accurate. Some of them.

[00:17:49] SH: I mean, we’ll see. Let’s see what happens.

[00:17:52] FA: We’ll see as we dive in to Taylor Swift’s bank account tomorrow. I like to think it’s more like Scrooge McDuck. I’d like to think Taylor Swift just has bars of gold that she stacks.

[00:18:01] SH: I think that’s probably true. She strikes me as the person that would be that extra, like, “No, I want my money in gold. Gold and sparkles only.”

[00:18:09] FA: Yeah, because she’s fairly fiscally conservative, Taylor Swift. She has a very clever father who’s a money manager and he trainer her very well. She might be number one in 180 million or 185 million, but I guarantee you she’s also one of the ones that’s best with her money too.

[00:18:23] SH: That’s probably very true. So moving true past Ms. Degeneres at 22, we have Steph Curry. Again, not surprising. Very successful. I am actually slightly surprised, and you may be better able to tell me this. Chris Hemsworth is one of the Chris’ that is some sort of superhero perhaps. 

[00:18:40] FA: Chris Hemsworth.

[00:18:41] SH: Yes, or is he Thor?

[00:18:44] FA: Yes. Chris Hemsworth is the more famous, more wealthy Hemsworth.

[00:18:46] SH: Yes. Not the one that’s married to Miley Cyrus.

[00:18:49] FA: He’s not the one of Miley Cyrus fan.

[00:18:50] SH: Which thank goodness, because I can’t even get into that. I mean, poor guy. This is the brother. Actually, this is the one that has the beautiful –

[00:18:55] FA: Again, as I had to say last time. Miley, if you are listening, please ignore Sarah.

[00:19:01] SH: I could do a whole podcast on Miley and the ups and downs and the emotional turns she’s taken me on over the years. So I will save the listeners. But, yes, Chris has a beautiful, beautiful wife. I follow them on social media. What a glamorous life they have, but he must have some sort of film franchise, because it seems high to me to be 24. 

[00:19:20] FA: Oh, yeah! I mean, he’s with the Avengers. He’s Thos.

[00:19:21] SH: Oh, with the Avengers. Yes. Fair enough.

[00:19:22] FA: I’m actually surprised that he is so – If I showed you how successful Dwayne Johnson has been, or how prolific Dwayne Johnson has been –

[00:19:28] SH: Again, bringing it back to Dwayne. I’m very shocked with that.  

[00:19:31] FA: Because Chris Hemsworth – I mean, he’s been in big – I mean, Thor. He’s had a lot – He’s pumped out those Thor films, and Avengers End Game obviously was one of the biggest movies of all time. 

[00:19:40] SH: Yes. Then, obviously, the wonderful Drake. Shout out to him when he was in Degrassi. His greatest role of all time. 

[00:19:46] FA: Drake? Can we talk about Drake being down there? I thought Drake would be higher. 

[00:19:49] SH: Yeah, I agree with you there. I think – I don’t know what it could be, and he did have new music this year too. So it is surprising he’s a little far down and did win some big awards. I don’t know. I mean, he’s always – Maybe because he gave so much of it away in that music video. Why was I not in that music video? I would have loved to have been a recipient of some of that cash.

[00:20:07] FA: I’m sure he gave away – he bought a couple of lunches in Walmart, something.

[00:20:12] SH: No. The music video, God’s plan. He just given away straight up cash. It’s probably for tax reasons. Hey!  

[00:20:19] FA: Probably is. I don’t think every day – Well, I’m not sure it’s tax deductible just to give away money.

[00:20:25] SH: Give away money to strangers at –

[00:20:28] FA: Hi! I’m a 501 (c) registered person. 

[00:20:31] SH: We have Drake at 25 just so you make sure we’ve got it here. Beyonce, 20. Also, her and her husband both at 20, 21. Then we’ve got Ellen. We’ve got Steph Curry, 23. Chris Hemsworth, 24. Drake, 25. Then we got the lovely Kim. We’ve said enough about this, Kim and Kanye. Again, I’m surprised she’s that far down.

[00:20:47] FA: Still 70 million, but she made less than half of what Taylor Swift, which makes me — people always want to compare their Google searches. Taylor Swift versus Kim Kardashian, because they’re the two top most searched sort of females. Taylor Swift is actually behind Kim, but absolutely dominating her this year in terms of money –

[00:21:05] SH: It was the Reputation Tour. I think you’re absolutely right about that. It was an expensive tour and also it was a big, huge world tour.

[00:21:10] FA: Unbelievably successful.

[00:21:12] SH: Yeah, world tour. No matter what Kim tries to do, she is not Taylor Swift. I mean, she’s never going to be able to have the ability to go on a world tour and just rake in cash.

[00:21:20] FA: If anything, I think it’s an absolutely triumph from Kim Kardashian that she’s managed to engineer a career for herself where she makes $70 million a year. It’s truly an astonishing achievement.

[00:21:30] SH: Absolutely. I am looking forward to – If Kim is listening, I am really looking forward to her new line of makeup for my legs. So if you could maybe send me one of those, that would be fabulous, because it’s apparently going to be amazing. It is – 

[00:21:43] FA: Maybe if that’s a success, which she might creep into the top 20 next year.

[00:21:47] SH: Yeah. Okay. Well, good. Then this one actually shocks me to my core. Somehow, somehow, the American Idol host, which I know he does a ton of stuff, but I only know him from American Idol. Ryan Seacrest somehow snuck his little way in to number 27, and I think it’s because he also does like Kiss FM and he hosts a bunch of other shows. But I’m still shocked. We might as well let Chris Harrison be 27. I mean, because they’re at the same level in my brain. I mean, it’s very confusing to me.

[00:22:13] FA: Well, yeah. I think Ryan Seacrest has really carved himself out a niche. He’s a producer. He’s also involved in – Is it America’s Got Talent Pop Idol? I don’t know. 

[00:22:21] SH: No. It’s American Idol. He’s the host of American Idol. Yeah.

[00:22:24] FA: Which in and of itself is probably enough looking at how much Dr. Phil makes.

[00:22:28] SH: But 27 in – 

[00:22:30] FA: But look how much Dr. Phil made. I mean, American Idol is a big show. 

[00:22:33] SH: Yeah. No, it’s fair.

[00:22:34] FA: I still think it’s a ridiculous amount when you consider the product.

[00:22:39] SH: Yeah, 27. Then we got a couple down here. We got Sean Combs and we got James – P.Diddy, if you will. James Patterson. I know that a lot –

[00:22:48] FA: Who’s that? Who’s James Patterson?

[00:22:50] SH: He, I believe, if I’m thinking of the correct man, writes many, many books. All of the books that – 

[00:22:55] FA: Oh! James Patterson the author.

[00:22:56] SH: Many people, ages, probably 35 to 55 might read.

[00:23:00] FA: Is he our second author on the list so far?

[00:23:02] SH: Yeah. J.K. Rowling and then James Patterson. I mean, he writes a ton of great murder-mysteries, things like that. 

[00:23:07] FA: I want to know where John Grisham is. John Grisham isn’t prolific enough at the moment. He’s already written most of his books.

[00:23:11] SH: He should be though.

[00:23:12] FA: I mean, he’s going to be on the rich list for writers, but he’s probably not last here.

[00:23:15] SH: After Mr. Patterson, we do have again another band, which I know is going to really set you off, but we have Metallica.

[00:23:22] FA: No, that’s fine. Oh! Metallica is still in there.

[00:23:23] SH: Yeah, number 30.

[00:23:25] FA: The group of Metallica, presumably, if we split off the individual members of Metallica, at this point, they’re all getting a pretty healthy slice of the pie. Probably enough to keep – Well, probably not enough to keep them on the list actually. But I guess, again, with Forbes. Forbes just want the names on the list, because that’s what makes people click on them. If it was their individuals names and not Metallica, then their list would have someone who says, “Who’s that? I don’t know who Lars Ulrich is.” 

[00:23:48] SH: That’s fair. I think it has to be something that people are like, “Oh! It’s Metallica.” Yeah. We will just – For everyone’s information and purposes, we covered – The last 10 here was Beyonce and Jay Z. 20. Ellen, Steph Curry. 24, Chris Hemsworth. 25, Drake. 26, Kim Kardashian. In case anyone was questioning it. 27, Ryan Seacrest. 28, Sean Combs, a.k.a P.Diddy. 29, James Patterson. Then 30, Metallica. We will not go through all 100, but if you are interested, it’s very easy to find. Just give that a quick Google up on Forbes. So very exciting. 

[00:24:21] FA: Bask in the sheer opulent wealth of your favorite actors, singers and athletes. 

[00:24:29] SH: But just apparently for 2019. Disclaimer.

[00:24:30] FA: But just 2019. Don’t be surprised if some of them drop off next year, because they have a rest. Because however famous you are, Taylor Swift making $185 is very tiring. That’s a lot of touring and that’s a lot of shows. I don’t think anyone would forgive her if she dropped down to the number 2, 3, or number 11 spot next year, because she’s having a rest.

[00:24:47] SH: Either way, she’s still sitting pretty. So feel free to take a glance at Forbes.

[00:24:52] FA: We’ve covered our 30 today, but there is one more I wanted to mention, because she has just barely crept away on to the list at number 100 out of 100, and that’s Ms. Celine Dion. 

[00:25:02] SH: A gem of a lady.

[00:25:03] FA: A gem of a lady. Who despite a few years since she first came to the market and first started putting songs out there with a nearly $40 million hall and sure to keep rising.

[00:25:15] SH: Yes, because if you haven’t already heard, she’s doing her Las Vegas residency, which is very exciting for all us true Celine Dion fans. I will be there. I hope to see you there, and maybe next year she will slide her way up out of that 100 spot. So keep on working, Celine.

[00:25:30] FA: Thank you very much for listening today. If you enjoyed this show, please subscribe to us on iTunes.

[00:25:35] SH: You can also find us in all of the different places that you typically find your podcasts, and in those places, feel free to leave us an nice little review. Thanks so much. 


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